Huddersfield Law School academic shares climate change expertise at COP28 Dubai

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(Photo credit: COP28 / Anthony Fleyhan)

A lecturer from the University of Huddersfield Law School has shared her expertise as a climate change specialist at COP28 in Dubai.

Dr Kikelomo Kila presented a paper during the Climate Law and Governance Day at the UN Climate Change Conference earlier this month and also shared her experience of mentoring postgraduate students researching climate law.

She presented a paper titled Teaching Climate Law and the Clean Energy Transition: Challenges & Prospects, focusing on utilising research methodologies to effectively teach climate law, the main challenges in teaching climate law and how the interdisciplinary nature of climate change law can be incorporated into the teaching strategy.

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Dr Kila then went on to discuss how she implements her innovative model - the ‘Dilute Interventionism model’ in assisting African countries like Tanzania and Ghana to reform their climate change legal framework.

Dr Kikelomo Kila at the COP28 conference in Dubai Dr Kikelomo Kila

Speaking of the milestone, Dr Kila said: “It was a great privilege to be invited to speak on Teaching Climate Law and the Clean Energy Transition at the Climate Law and Governance Day.

“At the conference I utilised the platform to promote my innovative legal and regulatory model to environmental regulators as the tool for effectively regulating climate change activities in these countries.

“I also participated in the African Ministers’ session aimed at harmonising African response to climate change. I met with the Environment Ministers from many African countries and discussed ways of improving their countries’ climate legal framework.

“Overall, a truly enriching and humbling experience.”

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