The free multi-language app offers live videos, past broadcasts of international student-led events and immersive 360-degree tours of the campus and town

PROSPECTIVE international students can now view for themselves what studying at the University of Huddersfield could be like, without having to travel thousands of miles to visit, thanks to a novel and interactive mobile application.

The University of Huddersfield International App puts Huddersfield and the University at their fingertips, from whichever country they reside, with useful features including live videos, past broadcasts of international student-led events and immersive 360 degree tours of the campus and Huddersfield’s town centre.

Users of the free app, which can be downloaded via Apple’s app store and Google Play, can find out about the range of courses available with the ‘course finder’ feature and also partake in ‘live chats’ with current staff and students to find out what it could be like if they chose to study at the University.

Other useful features include the ability to apply and manage their University application direct from their mobile phone as well as a ‘cost calculator’ so they can estimate how much they would need to come and study in the UK before making their final decision on where to study.  This year the University welcomed around 3,000 international students from over 120 countries.

Katherine Garside is the University’s International Marketing Officer and has been overseeing the app’s development.

“This app brings the campus alive for students who can’t as easily come and visit like a prospective UK student can,” said Katherine.

“It allows them to feel more connected to the University because they can chat with current staff and students.  They can also see for themselves the vibrant and diverse international student community we have here at Huddersfield through the live and past broadcasts of the international campus events that many of our international students take part in.”

For those who initially struggle with the language, and to make the information more accessible, the app is available in multiple languages so prospective students can access everything they need to make an informed decision about studying in Huddersfield.

“The University of Huddersfield International App is different to a lot of the student-focused apps available because it is specifically geared towards the international market and to prospective, not current, students,” added Katherine.

The University of Huddersfield at your fingertips

Marasha originally comes from Kuwait and is one of our international students. In the video, watch Marasha as she uses the app to gain access to the 360-degree tours of the University's campus and town centre, view how she downloads specific course and application information, see how she uses the 'cost calculator' feature and then translates the information provided by the app into her own language. Visit for the direct download links for the app.