The newly opened Oastler Building is now the home of Music, Humanities and Media. History, English Language, Linguistics and Modern Languages, English Literature and Creative Writing, and Film Studies all have classrooms and brand new facilities for staff and students. 

‌The £28 million building was opened in April by the Duke of York and has made a positive social impact to the town. Local suppliers were used for key materials, including locally-sourced Yorkshire stone cladding. The building has environmental sustainability in mind and is one of the University’s greenest buildings on campus. It's positioned at the front of the campus, with direct access to Student Central Building which combines access to the library, computing, sport, leisure and eating spaces.

Things to look out for -

  • ‌Collaborative learning rooms. Bring your own devices to plug in and share your work with others or work on it together. If you have a lecture in these rooms be ready for lots of group work and discussion.

  • Linguistics and Modern Language facilities. As a Linguistics or Modern Languages student, you’ll have access to state-of-the-art facilities which include an Experimental Laboratory, a Linguistics Laboratory and Language Laboratories equipped with international multimedia viewing and recording facilities.

    The Language Research Centre has four high quality sound booths, which are linked to a conference room, giving you the experience of being able to translate and interpret in real-life conditions. The Centre is equipped with all the facilities you’ll need to record, interpret and analyse your language work.

  • Break-out spaces for work and free time. Catch up on your work at PC facilities around the prow of the building or socialise with your friends in one of the many seating areas.

  • Large postgraduate space. If you study at a postgraduate level you have access to the large area equipped with 52 networked PCs, working space, photocopying facilities, comfy seating areas and even a kitchen for your late night coffee needs.

  • Staff Offices. Academic staff, subject area professional teams and technical services have all moved to new offices in the Oastler Building, giving you access to a range of onsite support.
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