President, British Overseas Territories (BOT) Student Society

I am originally from the Cayman Islands. Coming from a tiny country in the Caribbean it’s hard to find people in the same situation as you or find people that know what a British Overseas Territory (BOT) is! Yes that’s right, the Cayman Islands, a tiny country all the way in the Caribbean is British! And there are many more just like us! This society is aimed not only to BOT students but all staff and students are welcome to get involved as well. We hold weekly meetings to help educate people on the several BOTs that are located across the globe as each BOT has their own unique culture. We also offer support to BOT students and hold a variety of socials, which include film nights and nights out. Freshers' Week, Cultural Exchange Day and the International Food and Culture Festival are some events we have taken part in just to name a few. This past year we had students from the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and the Falkland Islands! Contact us via social media or email: We have big plans for next year and we wish you would be a part of it!