Jaden Clark.

President, British Cultural Student Society

We are excited to welcome all to the British Cultural Student Society. The society is for anyone interested in getting involved in British culture and the variety of campus events we host. In 2018 our events included trips to the York Christmas Market, going to the cinemas and co-hosting movie nights with the Bangladesh and Turkish societies to spread the joy of our most celebrated holiday. Our society gets heavily involved in the twice-a-year Global Food and Culture Festival and in 2018 our stall contained all British produce from Yorkshire businesses that operate in Huddersfield. These events are culturally diverse and showcase the best of British values with the Global Tea Party event being a hit among students; British society has more than tea to offer. We also celebrate the national holidays of St. George, St. Patrick, St. Andrew and St. David on-campus. What makes the British Society unique is its opportunities to exchange culture with students from all around the world and help to build a diverse and socially inclusive environment. Our door is always open and we welcome you to the University of Huddersfield. Contact us on social media or email: campusevents@hud.ac.uk.