Jaden Clark

President, British Cultural Student Society

We are thrilled to welcome you all to the British Cultural Student Society. The society is for everyone interested in British culture and would like to get involved with our campus events. By working together we hope both international and home students will engage with British culture at the University with our exciting events throughout the year. In the past we have organised a wide variety of events from visiting historical British museums to our entertaining Scrabble nights. Our society gets heavily involved in the twice-yearly International Food and Culture festival, which showcases the cultural diversity of our campus. We also celebrate our national holidays including: St. Andrew’s Day, St. David’s Day and St. George’s Day. One of the things that is so unique about the British Cultural Student Society is that it’s a fantastic opportunity for cultural exchange between international and home students. Our events this year will be a unique experience for all of you and we hope you will be able to socialise with friendly, dynamic and easygoing people and will open the door to meet great people and make friends. Contact us via social media or email: campusevents@hud.ac.uk. Wherever you are from, we welcome everyone to join in and discover more about British culture.

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