Most groups select players at the beginning of the academic year, but anyone interested in participating in the ensembles listed below should contact the director concerned to see if there are opportunities to join. These are the ensembles that are run by the department, but students frequently form their own chamber groups for more informal performances, sometimes undertaking professional engagements. In years 2 and 3, there is the opportunity to use participation in one of the department's larger ensembles, or to form your own chamber ensemble, as part of your degree credit. Year 1 students all sing in the University Choir as a minimum, but often take part in further groups.


  • A Cappella Choir
  • Flute Choir
  • University Choir
  • The University of Huddersfield Chamber Choir


  • Early Music Ensemble
  • Edges Ensemble
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Saxophone Ensemble


  • Guitar Orchestra
  • Symphonic Wind Orchestra
  • University Orchestra
  • University String Orchestra


  • Big Band
  • Blues Band
  • Brass Band
  • Funk Band
  • Prog Rock band
  • Reggae band
  • Samba band


  • Guitar Improvisation Group
  • Originals Groups
  • Folk Group