Degree apprenticeships provide an alternative route to a degree, enabling your employees to combine work with study for a university qualification. Apprenticeships can contribute to the skills and development of both new and existing employees. Apprentices spend part of their time at the university and the rest at your organisation hence benefitting from on-the-job training enhanced by their university education.

Benefits for employers

Degree apprenticeships can offer added value and return on investment for employers as learners implement their learning and skills within the organisation. In addition, apprenticeships allow your organisation to:

  • Address high-level skills gaps and specific business needs
  • Develop future leaders for your business
  • Increase motivation, productivity and performance of existing employees
  • Recruit, support and retain high-calibre talent

Current programmes

We are currently developing a range of degree apprenticeships and are keen to speak to industry partners to explore your requirements and consider these in the design of our courses. Our current programmes include the following Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeships:

  • Business Management Professional BA(Hons)
  • Business with Supply Chain Management Professional BA(Hons)

These are government backed programmes that run in collaboration between the University and employers in a range of industries and sectors. More information about these programmes can be found on our 'Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeships' webpage.