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Cookie policy

What are cookies?

When you visit some web pages, your computer may be issued with a small file - a “cookie”. A cookie is a piece of information in the form of a very small text file that is placed on the hard drive of your computer. The information the cookie contains is set by the server (of the website you are using) and it can be used by that server whenever you visit the website. The server uses cookies to recognise your browser session if you visit multiple pages during your interaction with this website. For more information about cookies, please visit

Types of cookie

Cookies can be “session cookies” or “persistent cookies”. Session cookies are temporary and should be deleted by your browser when you quit.  Session cookies are often used to help you navigate a website efficiently and perform certain functions.  Persistent cookies can remain on your hard drive indefinitely (how long will depend on the lifetime of the specific cookie) and may continue to be accessed via your browser.

Can I turn off cookies?

You can set your browser to refuse cookies or warn you before accepting them. However, some parts of the website you are using may not function properly without accepting cookies.

Which type of cookie does the University of Huddersfield use?

The University of Huddersfield website use Google Analytics which also place cookies on your computer. The information generated by these cookies about your use of this website will be transmitted to and stored by Google.

Where the University of Huddersfield uses cookies on web sites linking to this cookie policy the cookies will be Google Analytics or session cookies with the following exceptions: iHud, Create your own prospectus, Summon and UniLearn (Blackboard); and where part of the University of Huddersfield website other than the above has a particular need to set a persistent cookie and you are provided an opportunity to refuse it through Cookie Control provided by


The University of Huddersfield has a relationship with Hobsons Plc (Hobsons) in connection with the provision of the iHud service.  The URLs listed below are hosted by Hobsons as part of this relationship:

A list of the Cookies used by Hobsons for the processing of information on these pages can be found here

Create your own prospectus

Visitors using the ‘Create you own prospectus’ section of the website will be asked for personal information including name, date of birth and email address prior to generating their personalised prospectus. This information will be transferred into iHud (see above) to provide you with further information about studying at Huddersfield.

MyDetails /MyStudents

‘MyDetails’/’MyStudents’ pages of the University of Huddersfield website uses 10 cookie[s].  A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers saved to your website browser.  These webpages only contain essential cookies which allows the University of Huddersfield to ensure that the ‘MyDetails’/’MyStudents’ pages can only accessed by authorised users.  The essential cookies are sessional cookies and are not used to collect personally identifiable information about you.


PortalPlus sets 13 cookies. A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers saved to your website browser. All our cookies are used only within the University. We do not have any third party cookies. These cookies are used for three purposes:

1. Essential cookies

Some cookies are essential for the operation of PortalPlus. For example, some cookies allow us to identify authenticated portal users and so give them full access to the portal site. There are several portal servers, so we also use a cookie to make sure you are connected to the correct one during a portal session.

2. Performance Cookies

We utilise other cookies to analyse how our visitors use the portal and to monitor performance. For example, we might use performance cookies to keep track of which pages are most popular.

3. Functionality Cookies

We use functionality cookies to allow us to extend the portal's functionality. For example, cookies enable us to pass you between different University systems (e.g. the portal and the library system) so that each system can identify you and offer you a customised, authenticated experience.


For students and staff using Summon to access e-resources at the University, a session cookie is stored once you have logged in to the system. There is also an option to ‘Remember me’ which stores a normal cookie with a 30 day expiry. If you are accessing the system offline, session cookies are also used once you have logged in.

Anyone logging in to MyReading to update the reading list will also have a session cookie applied once they have logged in.

If you opt to disable cookies, a number of important functions and services will be unavailable to you and our websites will not operate correctly in your browser.

UniLearn (Blackboard)

UniLearn (Blackboard) is the University's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). You can only access UniLearn if you have a University of Huddersfield user ID and password. At this University, UniLearn uses persistent cookies when you access the service, but deletes them when you log out. All users are encouraged to log out when they have finished using any system to which they have logged in. UniLearn will be implementing their own system whereby you have to consent where cookies are used for more than strictly necessary purposes. In UniLearn, the use of cookies is necessary to identify individual users and thus to ensure that their personal data within the system is handled in a secure manner, i.e. by ensuring that only they can access materials associated with their user profile. If you choose not to give consent for the use of cookies, some important functions are likely to become unavailable to you.


ePrints is the University of Huddersfield’s electronic archive for storing the University’s research output, which archive is known as the University of Huddersfield Repository. ePrints uses a session cookie to store a session ID (UUID) when you log in, so that it can recognise who you are in your subsequent interactions with the Repository. This cookie is deleted when you log out and no personal information is stored by the University. If you choose not to give consent for the use of cookies, some important functions are likely to become unavailable to you.


Our blog sites also use Google Analytics to measure how our audience is using the site and these cookies may be persistent cookies. They do not however collect personal information. You will be given the option to disable cookies from our blog pages, however some functions may become unavailable to you.

Personal information

The University of Huddersfield does not use cookies to store personal information about you, and will make no attempt to identify you through use of cookies, except on University systems which require the user to register or "log in" by entering a username and/or password.

Google Analytics

To maintain and improve the quality of our websites and mobile apps we use Google Analytics. It is necessary for this service to use cookies (third party) to measure how visitors use our website and cookies may be persistent. Google Analytics cookies may connect with advertising and cross-device session stitching data which enables us to understand how visitors use our website across multiple devices to ensure we provide the best online experience. Content that is embedded on our website from another platform e.g. YouTube and Flickr may also set cookies. 

Cookie review

The University has carried out an audit of its use of cookies to enable compliance with an amendment made to the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations in May 2011. View our Cookie Audit

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