Are you passionate about a cause and have views on how the world could be changed? then politics could be the subject area for you. 

View our politics courses below for more information, including full entry requirements, course detail, and placements. 

Our courses

Why study politics at Huddersfield? 

Politics isn’t a spectator sport where you take notes on things happening in Westminster. Our politics courses encourage you to take part, so we do all we can to get you out of the lecture theatre and into the thick of it, helping you to stand out when entering the job market.

Study abroad 

On most of our politics courses we also give you the chance to study abroad for a term in your second year as part of the exchange programme, previous students have studied in America, France, Italy and Spain.


On all of our politics courses we offer you the opportunity to undertake a work placement. You'll be able to put the skills you’ve learnt into practice and make useful industry contacts too.

The Politics Society

Our Politics Society gives you the chance to see politics in action. Discussing wide ranging political realities with students who hold a variety of differing political ideals will develop your debating skills, help you to engage in the subject and enhance your studies in a supportive environment.