The Student Ambassador Scheme recruits current students to support a wide range of events and activities organised by the Schools and Colleges Liaison team (SCLS) including Open Days, HE Experience Days, University Visit Days and visits to schools and colleges. Student Ambassadors act as role models and motivators to encourage other young people to consider higher education. Ambassadors can share their own unique experiences including challenges and barriers they may have faced and overcome as well as successes and achievements.

Why get involved?

Experience as an ambassador is an excellent way of enhancing your CV. All graduate employers look for evidence of extra-curricular activities and experience. You will also be paid for this work at the rate of £8.63 per hour (current as at August 2017).

A good student ambassador is:

  • Enthusiastic about Huddersfield and their course
  • A good team member
  • Excellent at communicating
  • Positive and friendly
  • Able to share their experience of student life

Nathan Kettle

Information Communication Technology

"Being a student ambassador has taught me a lot about the university and marketing and events. It has given me much more confidence and allows me to inspire students from a variety of courses into higher education."

Clemy Crowther

Events Management

"The Student Ambassador scheme has allowed me to develop my confidence in public speaking when it comes to carrying out presentations both for my course and in general life!"

Vu Anh Vu

Business Management and Leadership

"Being a student ambassador makes my experience at university more meaningful because not only I learn to be a specialist in my field but also I engage in a professional practice."