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Teacher Training (Lifelong Learning) CertEd in-service 2013-14

At a Glance

Start date:
15 / 11 / 2013

2 years part-time
Also available on a full-time basis.

Places Available:
This course is available at the University of Huddersfield and through the Consortium for Post-Compulsory Education and Training (CPCET) at approximately 30 centres throughout the north of England. Please see the list of centres at the end of this course information guide. Please check with your intended centre of study as to the number of places available. (this number may be subject to change)

Course Type:
Full Time / Part Time

Entry Requirements
You should normally be in paid employment, as a teacher or trainer, for a minimum of 100 hours (at least 50 hours in any one year) at a recognised training or educational establishment. Voluntary teaching/training may be acceptable in certain circumstances.

Certificate in Education
You should have HNC, CGLI Advanced, NVQ level 3/4, or appropriate professional qualifications
Significant work experience in the area you teach (where appropriate to the subject field).

You should hold qualifications at NVQ level 3 to 4 or above in the subject area you teach.

If you hold a basic teaching qualification (such as DTLLS Part One) or have substantial knowledge and experience of teaching you may be able to make a claim for accreditation of prior learning.

Current trainees include people with expertise in business management, communications, computing, construction, engineering, English, health and social care, hospitality, learning difficulties and disabilities, leisure, Maths, media, NHS training, Police and Fire Service training, social sciences etc. However, all subject areas will be considered.

You are required to identify a work-based mentor who can support you in your subject specialism.

We welcome applications from people from ethnic minority groups and people with disabilities as part of our commitment to widening participation. We have researched issues and developed policy which has increased applications and enrolments from people in these areas over the last few years, including taster events. We actively try to remove any barriers you may feel would prevent you from participating in our courses.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS, formerly Criminal Records Bureau) clearance checks
Learning and teaching organisations normally include young and vulnerable people and it is therefore important that screening is undertaken to help ensure a safe environment. As this is an in-service course, your employer (or voluntary placement provider) is responsible for ensuring that you are a fit and proper person to undertake the work that they employ you for. The University does not therefore normally undertake checks on those applying to this provision (though it reserves the right to do so). However, as part of the application process you will need to provide the date of your most recent DBS check and the associated reference number.

If you are self-employed as a teacher/trainer, it is your responsibility to arrange for an enhanced clearance from the Disclosure and Barring Service and to provide evidence that you have done so. Guidance can be found at There is a fee which must be paid by the applicant (£44 at December 2012). At the end of the CertEd/PGCE application form, there is a declaration that you must sign to confirm you have clearance.

Health check
As this is an in-service course, your employer is responsible for ensuring that you are fit to undertake the job you are employed for. The University therefore does not normally undertake health checks (but reserves the right to do so).

When you complete your online application form you will find a reference request form which you should download and pass on to your referee for them to complete and return to your study centre.

Evidence of qualifications
You must provide evidence of your qualifications. Photocopies are not acceptable. Your centre of study will make arrangements to see your original certificates before you can be formally enrolled.

For details of entry requirements for courses at UCB, email

Huddersfield Campus
Tel: +44 (0) 1484 478249

University Campus Barnsley
Tel: +44 (0)1226 606262

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The course

This course leads to a professional qualification if you are already teaching in Further Education colleges, adult education, higher education and a wide range of other training and educational settings outside the schools sector. If you ar appropriately employed in the learning and skills sector, it provides a route to Qualfied Learning and Skills (QTLS) through a process administered by the Institute for Learning (IfL). Please note that the course does not confer Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) for those working or intending to work in schools, although it is currently possible for people with QTLS to obtain work in maintained schools as a qualified teacher. The Postgraduate Certificate in Education is available at the University in Huddersfield and at University Campus Barnsley. It may also be possible at some partner colleges - please enquire direct to the partner college.

If you are currently teaching young people or adults these courses help you to develop your teaching skills, reflect on current ideas about education and training, and to creatively explore the professional opportunities open to you. At Huddersfield we have been training people working in these areas since 1947.

Please don't take our word for it - here, in the words of our current students and past graduates, is why you should choose this course.

These awards are available at the University of Huddersfield and through the Consortium for Post-Compulsory Education and Training (CPCET) at over 20 centres throughout the north of England. Please see the list of Centres at the end of the leaflet.

By operating together through The Consortium for PCET, the University and the colleges are able to ensure that you receive high quality tuition. In 2012 the course was successfully inspected by Ofsted. We are one of only nine designated Centres for Excellence in Teacher Training in the Lifelong and Skills sector.

The awards are registered with IfL and comply with all current regulatory requirements in the Lifelong Learning Sector and is Higher Education Accredited for those employed in the appropriate sectors. For further information about careers in these sectors, see or (the Higher Education Academy).

This course leads to the Certificate in Education (Lifelong Learning). Courses for graduates are also available, leading to the Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (Lifelong Learning) or, at the University and validated partner colleges, the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Lifelong Learning).

From 1 August 2013 University Campus Barnsley (UCB) will be managed by Barnsley College. UCB programmes commencing in September 2013 will continue to be validated by the University, and will lead to a University of Huddersfield award.

And if you'd like to know more about what we get up to, we have a special 'news and events' section which we update with the latest news.

Course content

The Certificate in Education (Lifelong Learning) are structured around modules which are based on different aspects of teachers’ work such as designing learning materials, assessing students, and evaluating learning and teaching.

Academic credit is gained by undertaking assignments and providing evidence of achievement. This allows you to explore topics that are of interest to you, relevant to your working environment, and to your career development. You take 60 undergraduate credits a year. See the left hand tab ‘tuition fees’ at the top of the page for details of the cost.

The modules are as follows:
- Teaching, Learning and Assessment
- Personal and Professional Development
- Studies in Teaching a Specialist Subject
- Studies in Curriculum & Professional Issues

As part of the course, you will complete a subject specialist module. This requires two days of attendance at the University in year two (two days at Easter).You will be informed of the exact dates during the first year of the course.

A full-time pre-service route is available for those not yet teaching. We also offer full-time postgraduate secondary teacher training courses in certain subjects. You can view the course details on our website, see the 'course finder' on the web, then 'subject areas' and select 'Early Years, Education and Teaching'.

Career opportunities

The growth of lifelong learning should enhance your career opportunities.

The awards are currently registered with the Institute for Learning (IfL)and are accredited by the Higher Education Academy, the relevant professional bodies for further and higher education teaching.

Professional links and accreditations

The High Education Academy (HEA), for those with teaching experience in Higher Education, the course is accredited

Teaching and assessment

The times and days of delivery differ from centre to centre. The attendance requirement for tutor led group sessions is normally either one afternoon or evening per week. There are significant additional requirements in terms of tutorials with tutors and mentors, as well as for teaching practice. The list of colleges attached includes attendance patterns, please check with your centre as they are subject to change.

Teaching experience
Much of the course is focused on practical teaching. Through your employment or voluntary teaching, you gain experience of learning and teaching alongside other professionals, with support from tutors and your mentor, as a vehicle for your development. Practical experience allows you to gain competence in planning teaching and learning, and in working with learners both in formal classrooms and in student-centred learning situations, such as drop-in study centres.

During the course you undertake project work, such as developing new course materials. Academic work includes critically examining creativity in teaching, subject specialist related studies, quality assurance and professional issues. Modules also allow you to explore particular areas of interest.

Student views
"My teaching skills have improved dramatically since starting this course."
"This course has been an excellent addition to my educational and personal skills. I have developed in various areas to progress with my career and personal life. My confidence and communication skills have increased greatly over the last two years. The hours, tutors and the University have fitted in well with my work and have enabled me to advance further in my career. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in teaching."
"I now have a greater understanding of training, its needs, expectations and how to deliver a well-balanced session. To have had the opportunity to complete this course through partnership working has been very rewarding personally and has benefited my work and department."
"I have been delighted with the course and will do my best to recommend Huddersfield University at every opportunity."
"The tutors have been extremely helpful. They are friendly, approachable and always willing to help."
Course evaluations 2010, University of Huddersfield centre."
“I have just completed my Cert Ed. It was a massive help that I didn't have to commute to the University all the time due to work commitments. My favourite part of the course was the Huddersfield conference. Me and my colleagues thoroughly enjoyed it, my tutor was brilliant, Trevor's speech was very motivational, getting the opportunity to share experiences and ideas with other students was very helpful and I have told the new CertEd students to look forward to it. It was very inspirational and I learnt a lot.
I was even convinced to carry on to the BA (Hons) in Education and Professional Development which I am doing through Huddersfield University and Craven College. Again this has helped not having to travel too far. So far I am enjoying it and my tutor is very helpful.
I graduated at Huddersfield yesterday which was brilliant. My family and I really enjoyed it. Patrick was a fantastic speaker, he really made the day. It was inspiring to see how far you can progress. I can't wait to graduate again in 3 years time.
I hope to stay motivated enough to progress on to a Masters course at Huddersfield too.”
Course evaluations 2011

Here are the views of students who were based at various centres, including at the University of Huddersfield in the 2011/12 academic year:
"The course has given me a greater understanding of how people learn and how I can improve learning in my practice, I have enjoyed interacting with my peers and have benefited from the opportunity to consider different approaches to teaching and the feedback from my peers."
"The course has provided me with a lot of useful and relevant information which I have been able to utilise within my practice. My course tutor provides a variety of helpful information and feedback which has been extremely beneficial and I have enjoyed all the new elements which have been taught.
I am aware that if I begin to struggle there is help and support readily available for me when and if I need it."
"My tutor was enthusiastic. I enjoyed the specialist conference, very well organised and informative."
"The course has been of great value to me personally and professionally. It has enhanced my confidence and encouraged me to experiment with different types of teaching methods."
"The tutor has taught us lots of new ideas for pedagogy with demonstrative practice. He is interesting."
"Excellent college, instructors and facilities."
"The course has been well structured. The content has been appropriate and relevant to current teaching practices."
"The course is challenging and intellectually stimulating. I keep trying out new approaches that have been suggested and through my reading around the subject."
"Great support from my online and college tutors."
"The class environment is relaxed, which for me is the perfect setting for study after a long day at work. The tutor is approachable and supportive andeasily contactable."
"There has been a variety of teaching methods used which I have been able to transfer and develop into my teaching area."
"The tutors are friendly and helpful."
"The tutors on the course are very passionate and the subject and have always been very supportive and helpful. I could not ask for better tutors and overall I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. The course has increased my confidence in writing academic assignments and general communication skills."
"This is a terrific teaching team, really good atmosphere and team spirit."
"Stimulated, challenged and thoroughly engaged."
"The tutors are clearly passionate about teaching and education. The teaching is delivered in a range of ways to differentiate between all trainees and to highlight good practice, which I feel is very important."
“The course has given me a greater understanding of how people learn and how I can improve learning in my practice. I have enjoyed interacting with my peers and have benefited from the opportunity to consider different approaches to teaching and the feedback from my peers.”
“My course tutor provides a variety of helpful information and feedback which has been extremely beneficial.”
“I enjoyed the specialist conference, very well organised and informative.”
“Excellent college, instructors and facilities.”
“The course is challenging and intellectually stimulating. I keep trying out new approaches that ‘have been suggested.”
“Great support from my online and college tutors.”
“The class environment is relaxed, which for me is the perfect setting for study after a long day at work. The tutor is approachable, supportive and easily contactable.”
“There has been a variety of teaching methods used which I have been able to transfer and develop into my teaching practice.”
“This is a terrific teaching team, really good atmosphere and team spirit.”
“The tutors are clearly passionate about teaching and education.The teaching is delivered in a range of ways to differentiate between all trainees and to highlight good practice.”
“My tutor at the conference was brilliant, his support and feedback were excellent. The conference was interesting and great to meet like-minded people.”
“All in all an excellent course that has prepared me well for the next stage in my development. A positive experience!”
“The course has been well organised. It has given me good strategies for improving my teaching skills and has improved my confidence in training delivery. The tutors are very knowledgeable and have used interesting training techniques to illustrate teaching and learning styles. It is useful having a group of learners from a diverse background as this enhances the experience and gives ideas that can be transferred to other areas of learning.”
“Tutors have been enthusiastic, encouraging, positive, supportive and accommodating. We have had some very thought-provoking and entertaining sessions. Feedback from teaching observations was detailed, practical and useful. The module handbooks are clear and explicit on what is expected of us – I am enjoying the course – thank you!”
“A very well run course with exceptional teaching staff.”
“The staff have been tremendous and have been sensitive to the wide range of backgrounds of their students, helping each work to their maximum potential.”
“The enthusiasm shown by my tutor is infectious and motivational.”

We've included some photos showing you some of the student work, assessments and our superb facilities. Have a look here.


For students based at the University of Huddersfield, the course is taught in the Lockside building at the Queensgate campus or at the University campus in Barnsley. We have a wealth of information technology, including computer labs, electronic whiteboards and other resources. The Lockside building is an award winning refurbished mill alongside the Huddersfield Narrow canal.

Students based at other centres can expect the facilities available in a large, modern further education college. Many of our partners have dedicated facilities for higher education students, and all have a wide range of resources to support teaching in both vocational and academic subject areas.

Who will teach me?

How much will it cost me?

Home and EU students starting this course during the academic year 2013/14 will pay a fee of £3090 a year for this course (rising only with inflation). Students on this course normally take 60 credits a year in each of two years of part-time study.

You can apply for a tuition fee loan for this course to cover all your tuition fee costs. Information about fees and loans can be found at: 2013 Paying fees and loans

If you are eligible for the tuition fee loan then you don’t pay anything back until four years after you start (or when you leave the course) and earn over £21,000 a year. See our video that puts the costs into perspective: Cup of coffee. Worried about the cost of fees? Don’t be – see the independent Money Saving Expert advice about why taking out student fee loans for part-time students is such a good deal. See the MoneySavingExpert website .

Please note that all new students must have funding in place or pay a deposit to enrol on a programme of study with the University.

As a prospective or current student at Huddersfield our Finance Office can provide telephone advice or drop in sessions to discuss and help with your individual enquiry. To find out more visit: Finance Advice.

Other useful links
Am I eligible for student finance


In addition to the normal financial support arrangements for students in higher education, there may be further financial support for students starting courses in September 2012, for those who are teaching in further education or work-based learning on a course which if funded through the Skills Funding Agency (SFA). If you are eligible, you will need to be a member of the Institute for Learning to receive the additional support. We will provide a link to the relevant information as soon as it becomes available.

The government has announced (March 2012) that a number of bursaries will be available to pre and in-service students starting courses in 2012. These consist of a number of £1,000 bursaries available for in-service and pre-service trainees seeking to follow a route accredited by a higher education institution; and applicants seeking to teach basic maths and English and following an HEI-accredited route may apply for £1,500 bursaries.

We do not yet have further details of how these will be allocated and will update the site on receipt of further information.

Other information

The Consortium for Post-Compulsory Education and Training (CPCET)
The Consortium is an extensive and equal partnership of providers delivering professional higher education qualifications of recognised excellence. We together provide thousands of staff in the lifelong learning sector with professional development and qualifications from the University of Huddersfield - a centre for excellence in teacher training.

Contact details and attendance pattern
Please note that the teaching times indicated are subject to change.

For further information regarding this course please contact:

Anita Crowe
Tel: 01484 478205

Julie Gledhill
Tel: 01484 478251

Our main course enquiry line is 01484 478249 or email with any query.

For academic enquiries please contact:
Ian Rushton
Tel: 01484 478222

The Consortium for Post-Compulsory Education and Training (CPECT)
Director, Dr Denise Robinson
Tel: 01484 478116

Accrington & Rossendale College
Centre Manager: Marta Menor-Rodriguez
Tel: 01254 354368
Year 1: Wednesday evening
Year 2: Tuesday evening

Askham Bryan College, York
Centre Manager: Karen Hustler
Tel: 01904 772220
Year 1 & 2: Tuesday evening

Bishop Burton College
Centre Manager: Adele Sewell
Tel: 01964 553000
Year 1: Tuesday/Thursday evening
Year 2: Tuesday/Thursday evening

Calderdale College
Centre Manager: Debs Philip
Tel: 01422 357357 ext. 9826
Year 1: Tuesday/Wednesday evening
Year 2: Tuesday/Wednesday evening

Craven College
Centre Manager: Helen Booth-Martin
Tel: 01756 708017
Year 1: Monday afternoon/Thursday evening
Year 1 (Chorley): Wednesday evening
Year 2: Monday evening/Tuesday afternoon
Year 2 (Chorley): Wednesday evening

East Riding College, Bridlington
Centre Manager: John Aston
Tel: 01262 458835
Year 1: Tuesday/Wednesday evening
Year 2: Tuesday/Wednesday evening

Harrogate College
Centre Manager: Carol Wilson
Tel: 01423 878217
Year 1: Tuesday evening/Friday morning
Year 2: Monday evening/Tuesday morning

Hull College
Centre Manager: William Hawkridge
Tel: 01482 381934
Year 1: Monday evening/Tuesday Evening
Year 2: Monday evening/Tuesday Evening

Kirklees College - Huddersfield and Dewsbury
Centre Manager: Kim Harrison
Tel: 01484 536521 Ext.7106
Year 1: Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning/Wednesday afternoon/Thursday morning
Year 2: Tuesday morning/Tuesday afternoon/Thursday afternoon

Leeds City College
Centre Manager: Nena Skrbic
Tel: 0113 2162042
Contact the centre for more details

The Manchester College
Centre Manager: Libby Mooney
Tel: 0161 918 6816
Year 1: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning
Year 2: Monday, Tuesday , Wednesday and Thursday morning

Nelson & Colne College
Centre Manager: Charlotte Bishop
Tel: 01282 440280
Year 1: Monday morning
Year 2: Tuesday morning

North Lindsey College, Scunthorpe
Centre Manager: Glenys Richardson
Tel: 01724 294127
Year 1: Monday evening/Thursday evening
Year 2: Wednesday evening/Thursday evening

Northern College
Centre Manager: Louise Mycroft
Tel: 01226 776000
Year 1: 1 three-day plus 6 two-day residentials
Year 2: 7 two-day residentials

Rotherham College of Arts & Technology
Centre Manager: Sally Humphries
Tel: 01709 362111
Wednesday evening 16.30 - 21.00 Rother Valley Campus
Thursday morning 08.30 - 13.00 Town Centre Campus
Year 2
Wednesday evening 16.30 - 21.00 Rother Valley Campus
Thursday morning 08.30 - 13.00 Town Centre Campus

Selby College
Centre Manager: Heather Lister
Tel: 01757 211000
Year 1: Monday evening
Year 2: Monday evening

South Tyneside College
Centre Manager: Sue Wallace
Tel: 0191 427 3527
Year 1: Monday evening/Tuesday evening
Year 2: Monday evening, Wednesday morning

University Campus Barnsley
Centre Manager: Judith Schoch
Tel: 01226 644247
Year 1: Tuesday afternoon and evening
Year 2: Wednesday afternoon and evening

University of Huddersfield
Centre Manager: Ian Rushton
Tel: 01484 478222
University campus:Tuesday evenings
Bishopgarth:Saturday mornings
Sheffield: Thursdays

University Campus Oldham (Oldham College)
Centre Manager: Alison Iredale
Tel: 0161 2135024
Year 1: Thursday evening
Year 2: Tuesday evening

Wakefield College
Centre Manager: Sally Brown
Tel: 01924 789139
Year 1: Tuesday morning/Tuesday evening/Wednesday afternoon
Year 2: Tuesday afternoon/Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning

York College
Centre Manager: Roy Halpin
Tel: 01904 770247
Year 1: Thursday morning/Thursday evening
Year 2: Tuesday morning/Tuesday evening/Thursday evening

Yorkshire Coast College, Scarborough
Centre Manager: Andrew Tofts
Tel: 01472 311222 Ext 1440
Year 1: Tuesday evening
Year 2: Wednesday evening

Further study

Many of our former CertEd students have continued their studies with the Education and Professional Development BA(Hons) which is specifically designed to enable CertEd students to top-up their qualification to an honours degree, with modules relevant to your continuing professional development needs.

How to apply

We hope you're interested in what you've seen and want to join us.
You can apply online at
If you have any problems with this, please e-mail or phone 01484 478249.
It doesn't matter which college you wish to study with, you can apply using the link above.


Research plays an important role in informing all our teaching and learning activities. Through research our staff remain up-to-date with the latest developments in their field, which means you develop knowledge and skills that are current and highly relevant to industry. For more information, see the Research section of our website.

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