The Students’ Union

Written by Frank and Sophie

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What is the SU?

The Students’ Union is run by students for students, all to help make student life better. Although the SU is partly funded by the University it is its own organisation which means that all the profits made by the Students’ Union go back into the Students’ Union.

The Students’ Union is led by five students who are elected each year. They are known as the Student's Union Officers and address issues with the University on your behalf.

This year our Students' Union Officers are:
President – Wael
Education - Jonathan
Equalities - Justive
Community - Tom
Activities - Jake

How does it help students?

Due to the nature of the way in which the Students’ Union is run, they are always on hand to help students. They do this in many ways. A few are:

What services does it offer to students?

The Students’ Union offers many services to students to help them get stuck into University life.

It hosts many events throughout the year for students to get involved in. At the very start of the year they organise and run Freshers’ Week. This is a full week filled with activities and events. A few Freshers’ events are:

  • Freshers’ Fair
  • HudCrawl
  • HudComedy
  • HudLive

Over the year they also organise a series of night outs. A few that have happened this year already are the Warehouse Superhero Party, Sports Mashup and Bonfire Night.

The Students’ Union also provides students with plenty of volunteering opportunities. Doing these can help you learn new skills, meet new people and it looks great on your CV!

SU elections happen throughout the year where students vote for in students to sit on an Executive Committee. The main election happens in March. This is a huge opportunity for students to become fully immersed in student life and helping to make the University better.

The SU also offers other services and events such as:

  • A Puppy Room
  • Cinema Night
  • Varsity
  • Societies

Get Involved
There are many ways in which you can get involved in the SU whilst you study at Huddersfield. You can run for our Union Council, become a Course Rep, join a society, participate in a volunteering project or even stand for SU President.

If you are joining us here at Huddersfield University the SU will play a big part in your University life. Whether you use it for finding your accommodation, seeking advice or just chilling with your new found friends.

For more information about Huddersfield’s Student Union check out their website. Want to know more about the SU and student life at Huddersfield? Take a look at our student blogs.

Plus keep up to date with news from the Students’ Union