We understand that by choosing to study with us you are making a big financial commitment. We want to make sure you understand exactly what your fees will cover and what additional costs you will need to budget for when you decide to become a University of Huddersfield student.

In brief:

What is included:

What is not included:

Lectures, seminars and tutorials

Compulsory field trips

Access to the library

Access to computer facilities

Support and wellbeing services

Students' Union membership

Course administration

Textbooks you want to buy



Optional activities

Optional field trips

Your personal computer/laptop/tablet

Travel costs for work experience/placements

DBS/Health checks

Personal membership of professional bodies

Living expenses

Student immigration and visa costs

Additional programme costs

In detail:

What is included?

Lectures, seminars and tutorials – The amount of contact time will vary depending on which course you are studying (for example science based subjects tend to have more contact time built into the course whereas courses such as English and History place more emphasis on independent study). You can find out the details of the contact time for a course on our course webpages. You can also expect to be given a personal tutor when you start your course, and you will have some one-to-one appointments with them to discuss your progress throughout the course.

Field trips – if you need to go on a field trip to pass your course or it will make up part of your assessments, your standard travel and accommodation costs will be covered by your tuition fees. Although you will still need to pay for your own food, drink, and souvenirs. We strongly recommend that students consider taking their own insurance out especially if you find time for white water rafting and other adventurous activities.

Access to the library – We have a well-stocked library and, as part of your tuition fees, you will be able to access the library whenever it is open and use our electronic libraries to access papers and journals. We hold copies of the books on the reading lists for each course for you to borrow and much of the reading material will also be available for you to read online.

Computing facilities – As a student you will be able to access our computing facilities on campus to help with your studies. We also offer a ‘laptop lending’ services so that you can borrow a laptop to use for 48 hours.

Support and wellbeing services – Coming to university is about more than just studying for a degree and can take some getting used to. We offer lots of student support services and careers counselling to help you make the most of your time at the University.

Students' Union membership – Your tuition fee will cover the costs of you becoming a member of the National Union of Students. The Union is there to look out for the best interests of our students and can offer you an independent source of help and advice if you need it whilst at university.

Course administration – Behind the scenes we do lots of other stuff for you like registering you on your course, providing you with hand outs and arranging for you to sit your exams. We don’t charge you for resits unless you have failed a module entirely and then there will be additional fees charged. We also include the costs of attending your graduation ceremony (although not any optional extras, such as photographs).

What is not included?

Textbooks – Although copies of your necessary books are available from the library, many students choose to buy their own copies of key texts and the cost of buying text books is not included in your tuition fees. You will be supplied with a reading list on the pre-enrolment portal with recommended books and their costs

Course equipment – It goes without saying that you will need to provide your own pens, paper and other basic stationery; however, some courses will require you to buy specific equipment and materials for that course, particularly on art, design and fashion courses where you may need to (or wish to) buy additional materials for your projects. To help you, we have put any extras you will need to pay for on the course information.

Printing – you will be able to print off some of your course materials and we do provide printing services on campus. If you choose to use the on-campus printing facilities, there will be a small charge for each page you print. The current cost is 3p for a black and white copy and 8p for a colour copy.

Optional activities – coming to university is a good opportunity to try new things and join student societies or the gym and you should budget for these costs. For example, the cost of the university gym membership is available here 

Optional field trips – some courses may offer field trips to enhance your learning experience. Where these are optional and do not form part of your assessments, you may be asked to pay for them.

Computer – although we have computing facilities on campus (and our laptop lending service) which you may use, we will not provide you with your own computer/laptop and if you want to have your own computer you will need to purchase one. For computer-based courses you may need a high spec computer. The University has recommended laptop specifications, and the estimated cost is £800 (standard) to £1000 (high spec).

Work experience and placements – If you go on work experience or work placement, you will need to fund your own travel costs to and from the placement. If you are taking a placement year, you should read our Tuition Fee page to see what fees you will need to pay us during that year. Please be aware that if you are outside the UK, you will still be responsible for your living expenses and may need to consider issues like health care and insurance costs.

Other costs – if you are on a professional course which requires you to hold personal membership of a professional body, you will need to pay for your membership yourself. Similarly, if you are doing a course which requires DBS or Occupational Health checks, you will have to pay for those. Where there are such charges for a particular course, you will find this info on our course webpages.

Living expenses – your tuition fee covers your tuition costs but, of course, you will have all your other day-to-day living costs that make up your expenses like food, travel, accommodation, toiletries, and clothing. If you are eligible, the maintenance part of your student loan will help cover these. We’ve put together a webpage so you can read about how much living in Huddersfield is likely to cost you.

Student immigration and visa costs – where you require a visa to study in the UK or a visa for travel to another country as part of your course you will need to pay these costs yourself. More details are available here 

Additional programme costs - These apply to postgraduate research courses only. Additional costs (also known as bench fees) may be charged for research degrees where there are exceptional costs directly related to the research project. You will be advised of the additional programme costs related to your research if you are made an offer by the University.