The discover lecture programme encompasses a range of inspiring one-hour talks delivered by our expert lecturers.  Students will be able to enhance their subject knowledge, discuss issues and themes with a subject specialist / expert and explore progression to Higher Education.‌

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An introduction to Engineering

Explore the diversity of careers available within the engineering sector in this informative and enlightening lecture

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Turbocharging the future

This lecture will give students an insight into the exciting arena of automotive engineering

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Engineering for a better world

The energy crisis, climate change and our aging population are issues we urgently need to address to ensure quality of life.  This session explores how we look to Engineering to help solve these ‘grand challenges’.

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How it’s Made: Advanced Manufacturing

This interactive lecture demonstrates how engineers are embracing cutting edge technologies to create the objects we depend on.

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Renewable Energy - can we make it work?

In this lecture, we explore how engineers are developing solutions to solve the unique challenges associated with harnessing renewable energy.

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Electric Vehicles - transport of the future

In this lecture, we explore how electric vehicles help reduce the negative impact of road journeys on our environment and society.

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