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Information for personal tutors

The support you offer to your students as a personal tutor is invaluable.  In addition to supporting their academic progress, your meetings can reveal any potential problems they may have.  Spotting issues early and supporting the student to get appropriate help can mean the difference between them dropping out and going on to successfully complete their course.

The following information will help you provide and refer students to the most appropriate support if needed.

Guidance for Personal Tutors

Personal Academic Tutor Dashboard


Attending appointments with Wellbeing and Disability Services

Students may be asked to attend their initial appointment with Wellbeing Services (including Back on Track, counselling, welfare support and mental health support) at a time which clashes with a lecture or other academic activity on their timetable.  Sometimes this is necessary in order to see the student promptly and when there is no other time available.   If a student has to miss a class, they should notify Attendance Monitoring of their absence through the Student Portal choosing the 'Student Services appointment' option.

Every effort will be made to arrange further or regular appointments with the student when the student is free.

Students are not excused from attending inclass tests or exams in order to attend appointments.

Read the Wellbeing policy for missed and cancelled appointments

More about the services offered through Wellbeing and Disability Services

Referring students to Back on Track

When to refer students to Back on Track

  • Following an attendance review if you think there may be issues that the student is having that is going to impact on their attendance.
  • If they are falling behind with coursework even if their attendance is fine, or if you think they are struggling with any kind of personal issues, whether or not you have discussed these with the student.   
  • If the student is having difficulty engaging with their studies, is thinking of dropping out or wanting to change course.   
  • Students can also self refer to Back on Track to discuss any issues they may be having that impact on their ability to manage their studies.

If a student achieves less than 50 credits, then it is unlikely that they will be able to progress or enrol on an alternative course at the University.  Students in this situation can be referred to the Careers and Employability Service who will help them plan what to do next.  

Back on Track FAQ's

‎How to refer students to Back on Track

You can either give the students the details below, or email with the details of the student and the Back on Track advisers will get in touch to work out next steps.

Where appointments are held

All drop-in and appointments are held in Wellbeing and Disability Services, Level 4, Student Central


Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2.00pm
Wednesdays and Fridays at 10.00am


Appointments are available on a daily basis.

Tel. 01484 472227


Back on Track and attendance monitoring

How Back on Track supports students

The advisers will work with the student to identify the underlying issues behind the problem, be that non-attendance or other problems with their studies and will work with the student to create a plan of action. This might include:

  • Referral to other teams within Student Services which include Disability Services, Mental health support, Welfare advice, the Group workshop programme, Counselling, Careers or other University services: Student Finance and the International Office.
  • Referral to external services such as the student’s GP, or other specialist support services.
  • Discussions with personal tutors and/or course tutors and referral to academic skills tutors if necessary. 
  • Ongoing support/appointments with the Back on Track adviser.

How we link with schools and other services

Tracking students’ progress through the Attendance Monitoring Database

If students have been referred to Back on Track as a result of their attendance, whether that has been prompted by a Student Portal email, or by a tutor, Back on Track advisers will record the status of the student’s appointment with Back on Track in the ‘Student’ tab, and ‘Contact details’ section.  In this way, Schools can track the progress of the student in getting the support they need to improve their attendance.

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