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Health and Safety Policy

Here are the contents of the university's health and safety policy with links to individual sections (all documents are Word format):

Policy introduction

1.0  Statements of intent and health and safety objectives

2.0  Health and safety organisation and responsibilities

2.1  Management and implemention

2.1.1  University Council

2.1.2  The Vice-Chancellor

2.1.3  The Deputy Vice-Chancellor

2.1.4  Academic Schools  Deans of schools  Heads of departments (including administrative and technical areas)  Heads and leaders of research groups  Academic staff

2.1.5  Support services  Directors and heads of support services  Heads of departments within support services

2.1.6  Others having specific health and safety responsibilities  All members of staff  Students  Contractors working for the university

2.2  Consultation and policy making

2.2.1  University Health and Safety Committee

2.2.2  University's senior management team

2.2.3  Local health and safety committees and similar meetings

2.3  Health and safety advice and assistance

2.3.1  The Office of Health and Safety

2.3.2  Occupational Health Department

2.3.3  Area safety coordinators

2.3.4  Trades union safety representatives and elected safety representatives

2.3.5  Statutory Compliance Officer

2.3.6  Biological Safety Adviser

Appendix 1: Organsing for health and safety

3.0  Procedures

3.1  Inspection, repair and maintenance of premises, plant and equipment

3.2  Contractors in the university

3.3  Safety clothing and equipment

3.4  Violence to staff

3.5  Incident reporting and investigation

3.6  First aid

3.7  Fire safety

3.8  Provision and use of university facilities for public, private and
externally-organised and supervised events

3.9   Field trips and visits to industry and other establishments

3.10  Children on university premises

3.11  Animals and other living creatures in the university

3.12  Health and safety inspections: Safety Representatives and Safety Committees

4.0  Specific policies and codes of practice

4.1  Reporting of accidents and serious occurrences (moved to section 3.5 - 23 Janaury 2013)

4.2  First aid (moved to section 3.6 - 23 January 2013)

4.3  Occupational health services

4.4  Smoking policy and procedures

4.5  Fire safety (moved to section 3.7 - 23 January 2013)

4.6  Out  of hours and lone working

4.7  Fieldwork

4.8  Ensuring health and safety whilst working at display screen equipment

4.9  Inappropriate use of alcohol and drugs

4.10  Staff policy and procedures document for the management of work-related stress

4.11  Control of contractors

4.12  Guide and assistance dogs

4.13  Ensuring the health and safety of new and expectant mothers, and women of
child-bearing capacity

4.14  The management of work-related road safety risks

4.15  Ensuring the health and safety of young persons whilst at work

4.16  Health surveillance

4.17  Overseas travel

4.18  Health and safety training

4.19  Safe working at height


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