At the University of Huddersfield we value our relationships with schools and colleges and we are always looking for ways to develop them by offering innovative and relevant activities, which are of value to both teachers and students. We're delighted to introduce our range of Science A Level Practicals designed to meet  common practical assessment (CPAC) criteria requirements.

What are the Science A Level Practicals?

The new suite of 12 Biology and 13 Chemistry practicals are designed to meet the requirements of Biology and Chemistry specifications for AQA, EDEXEL and OCR, and to meet CPAC requirements.

How can you use the practicals?

They can be used in place of a practical usually taught by a teacher, or as an addition to practicals taught in school or college. The aim is to broaden student knowledge and understanding, by encouraging challenge and scientific inquiry.

How are the practicals delivered?

The sessions are delivered by our University staff and provide an opportunity to use specialist scientific equipment and to experience a scientific laboratory environment. Most practicals can also be delivered either in your school, college, or here at Huddersfield.

How to book

To book your Science A Level Practical please contact:
Kayleigh Hopkins


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Science A Level Practicals booklet

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