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PARK: Planning, Autonomy and Representation of Knowledge

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PARK is a research group within Artificial Intelligence that covers Automated Planning, Knowledge Engineering, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, and Ontological Engineering. We are interested in solving applied problems such as reasoning with large amounts of data, the realization of the semantic web, and the automated learning and engineering of action knowledge for input to plan generation engines. We are active in applications in engineering control, in particular in the areas of autonomy, transport, machine calibration, biomedical informatics and ambient intelligence.


Huddersfield lead on the Reasoning element of the major EU-funded international project


Professor Grigoris Antoniou, PARK co-leader, heads one of the most important elements of a multi-national research project that aims to make a major breakthrough in the burgeoning field of legal informatics. The MIREL project, which stands for Mining and Reasoning with Legal Texts, is focused on the use of advanced information technology to search for legal data to aid decision-making and compliance. It is a four-year research programme that pools expertise at universities in several European countries plus China, Australia, Japan, South Africa and Argentina. More info here.

PARK and the Internet of Things - Collaboration with Communication Giant BT


Professor Grigoris Antoniou, PARK co-leader, has teamed up with communications giant BT to develop ways of harnessing the full potential of diverse data from the so-called Internet of Things. The research is now underway and Prof Antoniou is confident that it will be a basis for future collaborations with BT and other important partners. He values the real world impact that the project will make. The development work being carried out by Prof Antoniou and researcher Ilias Tachmazidis – who has recently completed a PhD on the Semantic Web and Big Data – has relevance to many fields. But a key area is transportation. For example, traffic and environmental data gathered from roadside sensors could be combined in in order to help develop interventions to reduce pollution.

Huddersfield - Led Team win First Prize at Autonomic Competition at Bordeaux


Dr Mauro Vallati, Research Fellow at PARK, led a team of colleagues from King's College and TU Delft to win (joint) first prize in the Second COST ARTS Competition at Bordeaux, France on 5th October 2015. The competition evaluated sytems with the aim of increasing the resilience of Road Traffic Support Systems by the use of autonomics properties. The competition has been organised by Dr Apostolos Kotsialos of Durham University. The international panel of judges which awared the prize included Dr Neila Bhouri of IFSTTAR, Paris, Dr Cecilia Gomes of the University of Lisbon, and Dr Ivana Dusparic of University College, Dublin.

Best paper award at RR 2015 for Wolfgang Faber


The paper Supportedly Stable Answer Sets for Logic Programs with Generalized Atoms, by Mario Alviano (University of Calabria) and Wolfgang Faber (PARK group, University of Huddersfield) won the best paper award of the 9th International Conference on Web Reasoning and Rule Systems (RR).

PARK researcher in the runner-up team of the ICCMA 2015


Computational models of argumentation are an active research discipline within Artificial Intelligence that has grown since the beginning of the 1990s. The First International Competition on Computational Models of Argumentation (ICCMA) has been conducted in 2015.
The overall runner-up solver (ArgSemSAT) that successfully competed in all the ICCMA tracks, was developed by Federico Cerutti (University of Aberdeen), Mauro Vallati (University of Huddersfield) and Massimiliano Giacomin (University of Brescia).

New PARK Researcher to Bring in Robots


 Dr Simon Vernhes is PARK's newest member of staff. Joining us from ONERA, Toulouse, Simon brings experience from one of Europe's top robotics centres. This will stand him in good stead as he will be helping us expand the group from "PARK" into "PARK'Rs" in the next few months - with the arrival of a team of robots! The plan is to test out the intelligent algorithms PARK members create by embedding them in these humanoid robots.
Picture by Aldebaran Robotics

A busy year for Conference Organisation

PARK members are actively involved in the organisation of prestigious events in the AI scene:

  • Dr Sotirios Batsakis is PC Co-Chair of ICTERI 2015
  • Prof Wolfgang Faber is Conference Chair of RR 2015 and Co-Chair of RW 2015
  • Prof Antoniou Grigoris is Conference Co-Chair of MIWAI 2015
  • Dr Lukas Chrpa, Dr Mauro Vallati and Prof Lee McCluskey are co-organising the IPC workshop, co-located with ICAPS 2015
  • Dr Mauro Vallati is Co-Chair of CSMC 2015
  • Prof Lee McCluskey is organising the Final Conference of the COST ARTS Network co-located with ITS World Congress, October 2015.

PARK members have papers at all Top AI conferences in 2015


PARK continues to grow in international esteem with publications this year at AAAI, ICAPS and IJCAI. These venues are listed as A* in the CORE rankings, and are generally considered the most prestigious in the AI scene.

Accepted papers:
  • Exploiting Parallelism for Hard Problems in Abstract Argumentation, F Cerutti, I Tachmazidis, M Vallati, S Batsakis, M Giacomin, G Antoniou. AAAI.
  • Identifying and Exploiting Features for Effective Plan Retrieval in Case-Based Planning, M Vallati, I Serina, A Saetti, AE Gerevini. ICAPS.
  • Exploiting Block Deordering for Improving Planners Efficiency, L Chrpa, F Siddiqui. IJCAI.
  • Stable Model Semantics of Abstract Dialectical Frameworks Revisited: A Logic Programming Perspective, M Alviano, W Faber. IJCAI.
  • On the Effective Configuration of Planning Domain Models, M Vallati, F Hutter, L Chrpa, TL McCluskey. IJCAI.
  • On the Online Generation of Effective Macro-operators, L Chrpa, M Vallati, TL McCluskey. IJCAI.

PARK a winner in Innovate-UK competition "Solving Urban Challenges with Data"


 PARK members have won funding for a one year feasibility study in a consortium involving BT and Transport for Greater Manchester. The study is for one year, and is aimed towards solving air quality problems caused by road traffic emissions. Large Cities such as Manchester struggle to meet air quality limits set by the EU as the range of available traffic management devices is limited. In the study we will investigate the application of linked data to enrich environmental and traffic data feeds, and use this with automated planning tools to enable traffic to be managed at a region level. The management will have the aim of avoiding air pollution problems before they occur.

Park Professor Winner of the ASP 2014 Competition

Wolfgang Faber Answer Set Programming (ASP) is a well-established paradigm of declarative programming that has been developed in the field of logic programming and nonmonotonic reasoning. The ASP Modeling Competition 2014 was part of the 2014 FLoC Olympic Games. The winning team was formed by Mario Alviano, Carmine Dodaro (both University of Calabria, Italy), and Wolfgang Faber (University of Huddersfield). Both Mario and Carmine are Wolfgang's former students. Professor Faber was also awarded the Exceptional Guest Editor of the Semantic Web Journal.

2014 International Planning Competition

ICAPS Thumb The IPC is a biennial event organized via ICAPS to provide an empirical comparison of the state of the art of planning systems. It accelerates the development of research prototypes, provides challenges and a set of growing benchmarks to the Planning community, and leads to new directions for research and new links with other fields of AI. More info here.

‌World project managing linked open data gets underway


€400k SemData project welcomes first overseas researchers to Huddersfield

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