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Research (and other) Grants Awarded


Year Amount Researcher Funding body Brief description
  £229,336 Roger Barlow and Simon Fletcher STFC HL-LHC-UK
  £410,000 Roger Barlow and Simon Fletcher CERN HL-LHC-UK
  $80,000 Becky Seviour AFOSFR Metamaterials
  £400,000 Jaap van den Berg, Andrew Rossall, Roger Barlow Innovate UK RAMP-UP project:   Additive Manufacturing for the Aerospace sector
  £21,000 Cristian Bungau ESS Monte Carlo simulations of shielding and activation
  £3,500 Sue Kilcoyne Innovate UK X-ray flourescence
  $80,000 Becky Seviour AFOSFR Metamaterials
  £4,000 Sue Kilcoyne Arms and Armour  
  £40,000 Roger Barlow EU Hi Lumi LHC FP7
  £60,000 Becky Seviour AFOSFR  Metamaterials
  £40,000 Becky Seviour AFOSFR  
  £25,000 Roger Barlow ESS Target and background studies
  £151,875 Rob Edgecock EU EUcard2 Accelerator FP7
  £29,000 Roger Barlow ESS Target and background studies
  £37,499 Becky Seviour USAF Cherenkov interactions in metamaterials
  £203,278 Adriana Bungau STFC High power targets
  £15,015 Rob Edgecock STFC Front End Test Stand
  £26,146 Roger Barlow Siemens EM simulations using VORPAL
  £140,000 Sue Kilcoyne Borg Warner Properties of alloys
  £37,000 Becky Seviour STFC CLASP: neutron source for medical isotopes
  £108,940 Becky Seviour STFC and Siemens CASE studentship on neutron production
  £17,270 Rob Edgecock EU EU CARD  Accelerator FP7
  £39,874 Roger Barlow STFC CLASP: Thorium fuels
  £394,681 Roger Barlow EPSRC Doctoral Training Centre on Accelerator Applications
  £96,838 Bob Cywinski EPSRC and Siemens CASE studentship on medical isotope production



Notional equivalent values of beamtime awarded by international peer review panel

Year Amount Researcher  Facility
  £57,456 Sue Kilcoyne  PSI, Zurich
  £95,760 Sue Kilcoyne  ISIS, Harwell
  £95,760 Sue Kilcoyne  ILL, Grenoble
  £38,304 Sue Kilcoyne   ILL, Grenoble
  £76,608 Sue Kilcoyne   PSI, Zurich
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