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The Department of Chemical Sciences has hosted vibrant research in chemistry since the nineteenth century and today boasts a diverse, high quality research environment with cutting edge facilities.

Areas of strength include synthetic organic chemistry, physical organic chemistry, carbohydrates, proteins and enzyme chemistry, organometallic and supramolecular chemistry, heterogeneous catalysis and adsorption, thermal methods of analysis and synthesis, and materials chemistry.  Many other areas arise from collaboration with biologists, pharmacists, pharmacologists, physicists and forensic scientists.

We welcome applications from all qualified candidates for research studentships at Huddersfield.  Interested persons should contact either the appropriate member of academic staff.

Research Groups and Centres

Medical and Synthetic chemistry

Synthetic and Physical Organic Chemistry Research Group
The group’s research involves various areas of organic synthesis and reaction design. Within this group projects focus on the development of novel synthetic methods for “hard-to-make space” compounds, synthetic routes to biologically and pharmaceutically relevant compounds and precursors and the synthesis of novel dyes and photochromic materials.


Supramolecular and Structural Chemistry Research Group
The Supramolecular and Structural Chemistry Research Group contains four members from a diverse background but all have an interest in the formation of transition metal complexes and/or the structural characterisation of these metal-containing species. The research ranges from luminescent transition metal ions for use as sensors or light emitting devices, the synthesis and structural characterization of functional transition metal oxides and the self-assembly of supramolecular systems. 

 Materials Chemistry Research Group

Materials and Catalysis Research Group
This interdisciplinary group has interests in various areas of materials chemistry, including the study of porous solids and functionalised solids for applications in catalysis and adsorption , surface science, synthesis and electrical and magnetic characterisation of mixed metal oxides, synthesis and characterisation of new transition metal complexes for light emitting devices and solar cells, and computational modelling of solid-state and molecular materials.

 Carbohydrate Chemistry Group

Glycobiology and Food Science Group
An interdisciplinary team of scientists whose specialist research areas cover most aspects of carbohydrate chemistry and biology.

Commercial Research Groups

Innovative Physical Organic Solutions IPOS
IPOS is a commercial research group based at the University of Huddersfield offering analytical and chemical process development services to the chemical industry. IPOS possess a wealth of experience in analytical, process development chemistry, scale-up and physical organic chemistry and has successfully completed hundreds of projects for a range of industries.

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