Enrolment on a course at the University is deemed to constitute acceptance of these Regulations.

The website address for this handbook is provided to all students registering on courses of the University.

Continuing students should visit the Registry website at the start of each academic year to view any changes to the regulations.

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Students' Handbook of Regulations 

Key Facts relating to your enrolment on a course at the University


Community Code of Conduct‌ (page 1)

Taught Student Charter‌ (page 4)

Research Student Charter‌ (page 5)

Section 1‌ - General Requirements (page 7)

Section 2‌ - Relevant Policies and Regulations (page 21)

Section 3‌ - Assessment and Examinations (page 22)

Section 4 - Assessment Regulations (AR) (page 24)

Section 5‌ - Extenuating Circumstances for Taught Students‌ (page 68)

Section 6‌ - Suspensions and Extensions for Postgraduate Research Students‌ (page 71)

Section 7 - Fitness to Study (page 77)

Section 8 - The Suspension and Expulsion of students from the University on academic grounds‌‌ (page 84)

Section 9 - Attendance Monitoring (page 87)

Section 10 - Student Disciplinary Procedures‌ (page 99)

Section 11 - Student Complaints Procedure‌‌ (page 109)

Section 12 - Regulations governing the use of Computing Facilities‌‌‌‌ (page 123)

Section 13 - Regulations governing use of the University Library‌‌‌‌ (page 129)

Appendix 1‌ - The Regulations for Awards, Section F‌‌‌ (page 133)

Appendix 2‌ - The Regulations for Awards, Section I‌‌‌ (page 147)

Appendix 3 - Honours Classification Calculation‌‌‌‌ (page 160)

Appendix 4 - Education Act 1994: Code of Practice Implementing Section 22‌‌‌‌ (page 163)

Appendix 5 - A student's request for a re-mark (page 167)