This handbook provides a short guide to the procedures which the University's Teaching and Learning Committee and Senate have adopted for proposal, validation, revalidation and annual evaluation of courses offered on a collaborative basis.

It is aimed at academic and administrative staff involved in collaborative provision at the University and to enable them to understand the key steps involved in ensuring that such provision is of high quality.  It is essential that the quality assurance of any collaborative arrangements is maintained at the same level as that expected for campus-based courses.

This handbook is designed to compliment the formal regulations which appear in the Handbook of Quality Assurance Procedures for Taught Courses and should be read in conjunction with the document.

Handbook for Collaborative Provision. The handbook contains a linked contents page and consists of the following sections:

Section A - Definition of collaborative activities

Section B - Role and Terms of Reference for Standing Committee for Collaborative Provision (SCCP)

Section C - Approval process for initial idea to validation

Section D - School/Registry responsibilities in relation to progressing events

Section E - University of Huddersfield Collaborative Provision Strategy

Section F - Business case

Section G - Guidelines for a School's initial visit to a potential new partner institution

Section H - Documentation required for Institutional Approval

Section I - Documentation required for (re)validation events

Section J - Suggested agenda for events

Section K - Standard issues to be raised with the students during (re)validation events

Section L - Checklist for scrutinising student work

Section M - Memorandum of Understanding, Contract of Collaboration and Financial appendix

Section N - Course implementation and management

Section O - Guidance on Exit Stratagies

Section P - Managing Academic Integrity Policy and Processes within Collaborative Provision

Section Q - Managing Student Complaints within Collaborative Provision

Section R - Managing Extenuating Circumstances within Collaborative Provision

Section S - Role descriptions for Designated Academic Liaison Officer (DALO), Institutional Liaison Officer (ILO), Contract Manager (CM) and Annual Executive Meeting (AEM)

Section T - Suggested DALO and ILO timeline of activities

Section U - Pro forma checklist for DALO visits to partner institutions

Section V - Protocols for the approval of additional sites for delivery of approved Collaborative Provision

Section W - Management of Collaborative Provision at PIs following a merger or change of control

Section X - Oversight of Publicity

Section Y - Common documentation to be held in relation fo collaborative arrangements

Section Z - Research expectations of staff at Collaborative Partners