Please Note: This section contains both the 2016 and 2017 editions of the handbook. Please ensure you select the appropriate version. 

Regulations for Awards - 2017

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Introduction - Includes information on amendments and additions to any previous versions.


Section A - Awards and Principles (page 4)

Section B - Validation, Approval and Review (page 11)

Section C - Regulations for Approved Courses of Study (page 13)

Section D - Regulations for Awards (page 19)

Section E - The Admission of Students on Courses to Study (page 29)

Section F - The Assessment of Students on Courses of Study (page 32)

Section G - Extenuating Circumstances and Course Assessment Boards (page 47)

Section H - Regulations on External Examiners (page 53)

Section I - Regulations Governing Research Degrees (page 61)

Section J - Regulations for the Degree of Master by Research (including MA, MSc & MEnt) (page 79)

Section K - Regulations for the Degree of Master of Philosophy (page 85)

Section L - Regulations for the award of Professional Doctorate, incorporating the Master in Research (MRes) award (page 90)

Section M - Regulations for the awards of PhD and EntD (excluding PhD by Publication) (page 103)

Section N - Regulations for the award of PhD by Publication (page 113)


Regulations for Awards - 2016

You can  download the 2016 Full Handbook


These regulations were initially adopted by the, then, Academic Board at its meeting on 20 May 1994.  The edition available incorporates all the amendments made between then and August 2017.