The University expects panels to identify strengths as well as weaknesses in the course(s) and modules being considered, and expects that panels will take note as a matter of course of:


  1. the relevance of course aims, learning outcomes, structure, and assessment;
  2. the relevance of module aims, learning outcomes, content, and assessment;
  3. the outcome and delivery of the course(s);
  4. the outcome and delivery of the modules;
  5. the inclusion and progression of PDP through the course and modules;
  6. the use of C&IT delivery of the course;
  7. the relationship of staff expertise (research, consultancy/teaching) and staff development to the course under consideration;
  8. the physical resources available to the course; and
  9. the proposed arrangements for the appointment of external examiners.
  10. Panels will be advised of any general institutional regulations or policies affecting the design and delivery courses and modules and will be asked to ensure compliance with those regulations or policies.


Panel members shall be provided with, and will be expected to familiarise themselves with:


  1. the handbook for Quality Assurance Procedures for Taught Courses;
  2. validation documentation;
  3. the report of any other previous event relevant to the course(s) or modules;
  4. the draft programme and administrative arrangements; and
  5. any other relevant documentation that has been supplied.

Panel Member Responsibilities


Fees and Expenses for External Panel Members