Provided below are a number of useful pro forma and guidance documents that aim to ensure a smooth validation process:

Document title Pro forma Guidance document Additional information
Marketing approval   Word Marketing approval must be obtained before the validation proposal can be added to the schedule. To be completed and submitted to Marketing for approval - confirmation is required from Marketing that there are no perceived issues. Some details included within this document may also appear within the rationale document.
Validation Principles and Guidance   Validation Principles and Guidance Validation of new courses and changes to existing courses are governed by the University's Regulations for Awards and Quality Assurance Procedures for Taught Courses, the following guidance provides supplementary information for School Teaching and Learning Committees and School Validation Panels on the practical operation of these procedures.
Programme Specification Document (PSD)

Programme Specification Template September 2017

Programme Specification Template Guidance The QAA has also produced guidelines to offer help and guidance to those preparing programme specifications, click here to download a copy.
Module Specification Document (MSD) Module Template

Module Guidance

Teaching and Learning Definitions

The pro forma has been modified to include sections on tutor re-assessment and anonymous marking. Teaching and Learning Definitions have also been added.
Validations Minutiae Checklist   Validations Minutiae Checklist Utilising this checklist throughout the document preparation process will ensure that consideration of minutiae is minimised at the validation event, thus allowing an increased focus on matters of pedagogical interest and concern
Embedding Skills   Embedding Skills Guidance on embedding skills in PSDs
Validation Panel Guidance   Word The panel member pro forma aims to assist validation panels in their assessment of the academic validity of courses and modules.
Personal Development Planning (PDP) policy   Personal Development Planning The policy provide guidance on the principles and expected practice relating to PDP.  There is a requirement for all new PSDs to indicate where PDP is to happen and the policy document provides guidance on the format that this mapping exercise could take.
Assessment and Feedback Strategy   Assessment and Feedback Strategy This strategy should be taken into consideration when designing/revising assessment strategies.
QAA Framework for Higher Education Qualifications (FHEQ)   PDF This framework describes the achievement represented by higher education qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
QAA Subject Benchmark Statements   Web Subject benchmark statements set out expectations about standards of degrees in a range of subject areas.  They describe what gives a discipline its coherence and identity, and define what can be expected of a graduate in terms of the abilities and skills needed  to develop understanding or competence in the subject.
QAA Code of Practice, Section 6 - Assessment of Students   QAA UK Quality Code B6 Assessment of Students  
QAA Code of Practice, Section 7 - Programme Design, Approval, Monitoring and Review   QAA UK Quality Code B1 Programme Design, Development and Approval  
Distance Learning - Design and Delivery   Digital Literacies for Staff Latest QSAG Guidance on Digital Literacy for Staff Designing or Delivering Modules or Courses in Distance Learning Mode
CV - Professional Profile (example)   CV Pro Forma The use of this pro forma is not mandatory. This pro forma provides an indication of the information that validation panels will require in order to make an informed decision regarding course management and delivery
VAL1   VAL 1 For completion when a course utilises modules provided by another School
Programme Information Form   Planning Information Form For completion by the course team for discussion at the planning meeting

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