Welcome to the online guide to validations, which has been produced to enable members of staff and external peers to gain a fuller understanding of the associated processes and procedures. It is anticipated that members of staff and external peers in the following situations will find it of particular use:

academic staff who are developing or considering developing new/revised courses/modules;
new academic staff who wish to familiarise themselves with the process;
administrative/support staff who are involved in the validations process at School or University-level; and
academic staff and external peers who are involved in scrutinising proposals as a member of a validation panel.


These pages have been developed by Registry in association with the SAVP Chairs' and SAVP Secretaries' Forums to ensure that the information displayed is relevant and comprehensive, however, we are constantly updating these web pages to ensure currency and appropriateness, so if you have any suggestions for inclusion, or there is something that you expected to find but didn't, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

The validations process

Guidance documents

Guidance for panel members

Guidance for Exit Strategies - To be submitted where validatons will result in the withdrawal of an existing course.

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