• Quality Assurance Procedures for Taught Courses
  • Handbook for Collaborative Provision

Supporting student


Programme and Module Specifications

For more detailed information on the course (re)validation process, please visit the validations website.

Course Accreditation / Recognition

The Regulations for Awards handbook includes information and guidance on:

  • Awards and Principles
  • Validation, Approval and Review
  • Regulations for Approved Courses of Study - General requirements & Regulations for awards
  • The Admission of Students to Courses of Study - Principles of admission, Requirements for admission & Admission with Credit
  • The Assessment of Students on Courses of Study - General Principles, Regulations governing assessment in the Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme, Assessment boards and External Examiners, Regulations on External Examiners & Grading Scales
  • Regulations Governing Research Degrees and Research Diplomas - Principles & Regulations for the award of Master of Philosophy, Professional Doctorates, Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy by Publication
  • Regulations for the Conferment of Awards
  • Higher Doctorates