Extension System Guidance and Forms


Extension System Guidance for staff

  • This document supports the decision making process when considering a claim as well as offering procedural guidance on the process of the claims and the types of evidence a student may be required to submit. 

Extension System Guidance for staff

  • This document helps support the meeting due to be held with a student who has exceeded 3 submitted extension requests in one academic year

Extension Meeting Agreement Form For School use 2016

  • This document is the  agreement that the student should complete on the conclusion of the Extension Meeting

Paper-based version of Extensions Form for SUAC and Student Services

  • The form to be used exceptionally where a student or School requires a hard copy of the form




AI Appeal Form

Att Mon Withdrawal Appeal Form

School Level Att Mon Appeal Form 25.11.16

CAB Appeal Form 2016 (Stage One)

CAB Appeal Form 2016 (Stage Two)

EC claim form (Sept 2016)

FtP Appeal Form 2016