A diploma supplement and transcript is an official record of a student's academic achievement whilst studying at the University and has been issued to all students graduating since 2009; between 2003-2008 this was issued as a transcript only. The official diploma supplement and transcript is produced and issued with the certificate at the end of a course of study by Registry and includes a breakdown of all modules and results that were undertaken. 

Order Additional Copies of your Official Transcript

If you require an additional copy of your official transcript, there is a charge of £25.00 and this can be purchased via the online store. If you require more than one copy, we can provide certified copies of the original, which we would then stamp and sign.  To comply with data protection legislation all applications must be accompanied by a valid form of identity (eg. a copy of your passport, driving licence, birth certificate, etc.).  If your name has changed, we will also require proof of your name at the time of award (eg. birth or marriage certificate).  Please note that we can only issue documents in the name that you were awarded. Please email your proof as soon as you have placed your order to awards@hud.ac.uk.

Requests to post sealed diploma supplements and transcripts to other institutions should be requested as above and the sealed envelopes will be mailed back to the applicant.  It is the applicant's responsibility to send the transcripts to the required destination.

A fully completed application will take approximately 10 working days to be processed but may take longer during some busy periods. 

If you have any outstanding course-fee related payments owed to the University in relation to a completed award no official documents can be produced. Once any debt is cleared you should contact the awards team who will then produce your documents.

For any other questions regarding certificates and transcripts please email awards@hud.ac.uk or telephone 01484 472897/471313.