Regulations and Appeal Form

Registry have compiled a handbook of useful information relating to the management of Academic Integrity investigations.  You can either download the full ‌‌Academic Integrity Handbook 2015 or read the information below and download the relevant sections, templates and guidelines.

Students' Handbook of Regulations:

  • 2017 Section 4 AR3‌ : Academic Integrity
  • 2017 Section 4 AR4‌ : Action following a report of a suspected breach of the regulations on Academic Integrity to the Academic Integrity Officer or Deputy
  • 2017 Section 4 AR5‌ : Appeal against a decision related to an Academic Integrity Offence

If you wish to appeal an Academic Integrity decision, please complete the Academic Integrity Appeal Form  and email it to

Procedure Information

Stage One

Recognition of possible academic offence

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Stage Two

Case referred to Academic Integrity Officer or Deputy

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Stage Three

Setting of penalty or referral to Academic Integrity Committee

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