Professorial and Reader Appointments

      Monty Adkins - 12  

Monty Adkins
Professor of Music Technlogy

    Rakesh Mishra - 70   

Rakesh Mishra
Professor of Fluid Dynamics

Roger Barlow
Professor of Particle Physics

 Roger Barlow - 916

Philip Thomas
Reader in Musical Performance

Phillip Thomas - 22
  Paul Thomas - 505

Professorial and Reader Appointment
Reader in Youth and Community Work

Christine Jarvis
Professor of Teaching and Learning 

          Karen Ousey
Reader in Advancing Clinical Practice
Karen Ousey - 628    
Stephen Donnelly - 895 Stephen Donnelly
Professor of Materials Engineering

Susan Peckover
Reader in Applied Childhood Studies

Susan Peckover - 399
   Sylivie Laforet
Reader (Marketing)
        Stuart Toddington
Professor of Law
     Len Tiu Wright
Professor of Marketing
   Andrew Mycock
Reader (Politics)
 Andrew Mycock - 512  Kim Burton - 301 Kim Burton
Professor of Biomechanics



Barbara Conway
Professor of Pharmaceutics
Barbara Conway - 846     Paul Scott
Professor of Mathematics
 Paul Scott - 528  
 Alan Myers - 71  

Alan Myers
Professor of Machine Tool Technology


Glenn Foard
Reader (Battlefield Archeology)

Abigail Locke
Reader (Behavioural & Social Sciences)
Abigail Locke - 485     Stephen-Swailes - 800    Stephen Swailes
Professor of
Human Resource Management
Bernard Gallagher
Reader (Social Work)
 Bernard Gallagher - 493               Rob Ward
Professor of Sculpture
 Rob Ward - 926    
Peter Slee
Deputy Vice Chancellor
 Peter-Slee       Robin Simmons
Reader (Post-Compulsory Education)
Robbin Simmons - 203  
Jessica Malay - 8   Jessica Malay
Reader (English)
         Richard Morris
Professor of History
Richard Morris - 890
Rachel Armitage
Reader (Applied Criminology)
  Rachel Armitage - 492        Pierre Tremblay
Reader (Composition)
 Pierre Tremblay - 23    

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