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How do I balance my studies with work and home life?

Megan Beech

Megan Beech

PhD School of Education and Professional Development

When I first decided to look into doing my PhD I was excited but also really nervous at the prospect of taking on such a big academic commitment alongside my full-time job. I wasn’t even sure how to go about applying for a PhD position, but the Researcher Hub team was very helpful and showed me how to access the forms and information I needed.

A strong support network

In the first few months after enrolment I was able to take part in a regular part-time research student support group on campus, as well as get involved in online support groups such as #PhDchat and #ScholarSunday on Twitter. These different networks have made me feel part of the research community and helped me to meet others sharing the same PhD route as me.

Dedicated help

Huddersfield has a dedicated Research Librarian, Martin Gill, to help you with just about any research task, from finding a journal article to getting your work published. I go to Martin for guidance when I’m on campus, but as I study from home a lot, I also really benefit from the excellent online resources including the comprehensive literature search tool, Summon.

How do I juggle work and study responsibilities?

Darren Martin

Darren Martin

MRes Music

Overcoming barriers

When I started my postgraduate degree I was worried about what to expect. It can be a daunting time if you’re not prepared or don’t find out the information you need beforehand. Luckily for me, the University of Huddersfield provided the exact course I wanted to do and the staff and tutors gave me some very good advice in order to prepare me for postgraduate study.

Balancing responsibilities

During my postgraduate studies, I also took on a few freelance jobs to help develop my experience whilst also providing me with a well needed income. Firstly, I wasn’t sure how I could balance work with my studies, however I quickly found that what I was doing was more than possible and in fact was very beneficial to me.

Commute and study

Previously, I had been living in Huddersfield whilst studying for my undergraduate degree. I moved further afield whilst studying for my Masters and had to commute to Huddersfield. I wasn’t sure if this would impact my studies. In the end, I was able to keep up with my studies and use my time effectively when in Huddersfield to gather research whilst doing the majority of my study from home which worked out really well for me.