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Graduating from the University of Leeds with a PhD in Sculpture and Philosophy, I joined the University of Huddersfield in 2009. I am currently Programme Leader for the MA suite of courses in digital media, graphic design, fashion textile practices and international fashion management. I lead on several modules in research methodologies in art and design and creative innovation. I also provide contextual studies support to undergraduate students specialising in art and design subjects.

Research and Scholarship

My current research explores practitioner approaches to archives and existing collections, with a view to addressing strategies and methodologies of ‘interventions-in-practice’, including different materials and modes of archival engagement in art and design. I am also a member of the CST (Centre for Sculptural Thinking) http://www.hud.ac.uk/research/researchcentres/st/. Within this centre, I am currently exploring how sculptural processes such as carving, moulding, shaping and forming provide other disciplines with the rhetorical tools they need to think. My research shows that whilst sculpture is often registered as an explicit object-example in writing the implicit use of sculptural processes signals modes of productive activity not yet accounted for in existing research on sculpture.


Conference Panel organiser for 'Archival Interventions in Sculpture' - AAH, Royal College of Art, April 2014.

Language/Copy editor for Kivimma, E. (ed.) (2012) Working with Feminism: Curating and Exhibitions in Eastern Europe. Tallin: Tallin University Press.

Editorial Board Member for Evental Aesthetics - http://eventalaesthetics.net/

Research Degree Supervision

I am willing to supervise PhDs on the following topics related to my current research activity:

SCULPTURE AND THE ARCHIVE • Archival legacies of sculptural production. • Inheritances and receptions of British sculpture and its thinking. • Thinking worlds of the sculptor – poiesis, praxis and production in and through the archive.

SCULPTURE IN PUBLIC: • Sculpture Parks and Public Festivals – re-thinking site specific orthodoxies through the sculptural. • Behind the scenes of sculptural production: foundries, workshops, studio cultures, public art making, community engagement, global/international sculpture exhibitions. • Sculpture and sites of public engagement.

SCULPTURE AND MATERIALITY: • Re-thinking materials through sculpture: stone, marble, concrete, plastic, etc. • The languages of sculptural form and the vocabularies of sculptural process. • Technical histories, theories and cultures of sculptural making.

SCULPTURE AND EDUCATION: • Art School models and the teaching of sculpture. • The ‘educational turn’ in sculptural practice. • Intersections between sculptural practice and pedagogy.

SCULPTING ACROSS BOUNDARIES: • Sculptural thinking and making in science, neuroscience, engineering, architecture, forensics, archaeology and philosophy. • Sculpture in craft, design, architecture, graphics, textiles and fashion. • Sculptural models and cognitive capabilities, e.g. neurological plasticity and sculptural form. • The sculptural language of material science (casting, moulding, modelling, etc.), the aesthetics of microstructures and material properties. • New technologies of the sculptural – 3D printing, scientific modelling, material innovations, data capture and visualization.

Postgraduate research opportunities with Dr Rowan Bailey

Teaching and Professional Activities

Bailey, R. and Tinker, A.(2013)Second Year Blues: Developing Interactive Resources for Progressive Curriculum Design (TALI funded project).

Advisory Board Member for the National Arts Education Archive (NAEA) at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Garside, J., Graham Omrod, Annie Topping, Moira Tyras, Graham Stone, Rowan Bailey (2013) Developing a Culture of Publication (TALI funded project).

I currently teach undergraduate history and theory to students in Textile Craft, Textiles with Surface Design, Contemporary Art and Costume Design. I am also responsible for the coordination of the Taught Cross Disciplinary Masters Programme within the School of Art, Design and Architecture

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