The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

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A shining example

THE past 60 years have seen enormous changes in Britain and the world.  Many of these have been welcome and stimulating.  But we should value continuity too – and the Diamond Jubilee is a chance to celebrate the stability and dependability that The Queen has provided for the nation and the Commonwealth.

That is why the University of Huddersfield – an institution which itself has undergone enormous transformation during the past six decades – is determined to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee in a wholehearted fashion. 

“As a University we are at the cutting edge of social and scientific change and innovation and we are deeply engaged in political debate and research, so we are fully-accustomed to questioning things and institutions,” says the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Bob Cryan.  “But we have a very powerful sense of our past and our heritage and The Queen has been a quietly inspirational figure for all of her long reign.  So there will be no half-measures when it comes to marking the Diamond Jubilee at the University of Huddersfield.

“The Queen’s devotion to her duty is quite staggering.  She has served us all selflessly for 60 years and will continue to do so for many years to come, I am certain.  It is now our duty to ensure that the Diamond Jubilee is properly celebrated.  But it will not just be a passing show.  We intend that there will be a real legacy.”

The University of Huddersfield’s Diamond Jubilee projects will have a local and regional dimension, but will also celebrate the Queen’s ties to the overseas Commonwealth. The theme of 60 years will be a thread running through most of the celebrations.  For example, there will be 60 prizes to the top 60 graduates during Diamond Jubilee year and there will be 60 special events, many of which will be open to the public.  They will include a special concert series and a sequence of public lectures which will chart developments in science, society and culture over the past six decades as well as looking to the future.

Within the University, events and graduation ceremonies will carry the name Diamond Jubilee and there will be a sequence of contests in fields such as music and design..

The special legacy of the University’s celebrations will include the inauguration of a Diamond Jubilee Professorial Chair and a Diamond Jubilee Research Scholarship.

The University of Huddersfield’s Diamond Jubilee web pages will provide regular updates on all the activities and celebrations.

Further details about official events taking place in West Yorkshire for the Diamond Jubilee can be found on the West Yorkshire Lieutenancy’s website.

Diamond Jubilee banner containing official logo


There are 60 events taking place as part of the University of Huddersfield's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

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