Campus celebrates International Week

Campus celebrate International Week

Fri, 10 Mar 2017 15:20:00 GMT

International Week is a week-long programme of events that celebrates the many different cultures and nationalities that comprise the University of Huddersfield

NATIONALITIES, from over one hundred countries, united to take part in the biggest international experience of the year so far at the University of Huddersfield.

International Week is a week-long programme of events that celebrates the many different cultures and nationalities the University welcomes on campus.  Now in its seventh year, the week acts as an annual highlight on the student calendar and the numbers attending the festivities have grown year-on-year.

Additional events from Research, the Schools and Support Services were created to add to the diversification of this year’s International Week to give people of all ages the opportunity to engage in this year’s celebrations.

One of the biggest attractions was the International Food and Culture Festival, which was an evening packed full of different performances from around the world and was hosted by the University’s International Student Societies.

‌Students hosted their own tables of food from around the world and performed on stage with songs, dance, games, fashion and instruments.

Campus celebrate International Week “The event has become a major part of the University’s events calendar,” said Festival Co-ordinator and University International Student Experience Manager Alan Tobi.  “It is particularly pleasing to see the students outside of academic life showcase their country’s cultures, fashions and languages,” he added.

‌The week also saw the return of the ever-popular International Fashion Show, which gave students from the UK and around the world the opportunity to show off their national dress and styles.

“In addition, it was great to see the University’s British Cultural Student Society take part in the Britain Beyond London event, which gave overseas students the chance to learn more about the country they are now studying in,” said Alan.

Other events on offer included the International World of Sport Tournament by the International Student Societies, a Study Abroad Drop-In hosted by the International Office, research showcases by the University’s Business School and guest lectures and seminars from the University’s School of Music Humanities and Media.  A variety of cultural events also took place.

The University currently welcomes over 3,000 international students from approximately 125 countries, which brings an international dimension to the University as well as the town itself.

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