What is it like being a Nigerian student in Huddersfield? Well, the University of Huddersfield is very diverse and multicultural. The University is popular with Nigerian students with an ever-growing Nigerian society. Adetayo is the President of our Students' Union and he is originally from Nigeria. In this article, he explains what it's like being a Nigerian student in the UK and specifically, what it is like being a Nigerian student in Huddersfield. 

Meet Adetayo

Adetayo's journey

Like many international students, as soon as Adetayo arrived in Huddersfield he loved it and didn't want to leave as he explains in the video below. Although in his original plans he didn't plan to come to Huddersfield!

Adetayo's journey 

What is the Nigerian Society like at the University of Huddersfield?

As Adetayo explains in the video below, the Nigerian society is a place that you can meet fellow Nigerians and share experiences as well as help each other out academically. The Nigerian society also have traditional and cultural events and celebrations on and off campus and welcome everyone (all other nationalities too) to join in with the spirit of Nigeria. 

Find out more on the Nigerian Society webpageFacebook page and Instagram page.

Nigerian Society at the University of Huddersfield

Can I get Nigerian food in the UK and in Huddersfield?

We all know food is very important and missing your home comforts can make you feel homesick. In the UK there are lots of Nigerian restaurants and Huddersfield also has places you can Nigerian food as Adetayo explains in the video below. As Huddersfield is very multicultural you can get food from Africa, the Carribian, Asia, South America, the list goes on. You name it, we've probably got it. 

Nigerian food in Huddersfield

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