Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Our work and research supports sharing of information and collaboration between agencies/organisations in relation to human trafficking and victim care.


Cyber Crime and Human Factors

A core ambition of our research is to support cyber sensemaking and situation awareness and implement strong safeguards to prevent user-focused attacks from occurring.


Terrorism and Violent Extremism

SSI members are currently involved with projects focusing specifically on different 'extremist ideologies'. This work is conducted in partnership with a host of different agencies, groups and individuals.


Designing Out Crime

Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) 

  • The design and manipulation of the built environment to reduce the risk of crime
  • Exploring the link between the design features of the built environment and their association with crime risk.

Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

  • SSI is actively engaging with partners to address the considerable gaps in recognition and action in relation to the sexual abuse and exploitation of children.
  • We are committed to research that has a positive impact on improving the safety of children and society.

Forensic Science

  • Forensic ballistic research
  • Forensic genetics research
  • Validity of forensic research and utility of forensic evidence
  • Forensic speech science
  • Digital forensic research