The Secure Societies Institute (SSI) aims to develop innovative, end-user focused solutions to a variety of security challenges. One of the methods of achieving this is through our bi-monthly themed workshops. Previous workshops have explored the challenges of investigating serious sexual assaults, barriers to reporting violent extremism and critical reflections on radicalisation.

Photo from tackling modern day slavery workshop

Tackling Modern Day Slavery

The fourth event, which took place on the 12th June 2017, focused on the challenge of tackling modern day slavery. Partners from Kirklees council, West Yorkshire Police and other key organisations joined over forty members of the SSI to explore three major local challenges:

1)      What makes a young person born in the UK vulnerable to trafficking? How do we actively prevent young people from becoming victims of trafficking, and how do we encourage young people to report when they feel something isn’t right within their peer or friendship group?

2)      How do we raise awareness of online sexual exploitation and related ‘Pop up Brothels?

3)      What is the best way to ensure businesses adopt ethical trading processes to keep their trade routes clear of human trafficking and modern day slavery?

Members of the SSI worked alongside local partners to explore multi-disciplinary solutions to these challenges.

If you are an external organisation with a security challenge that you will like to present to the SSI at one of our future  multi-disciplinary workshops, please email If you are a member of the SSI and would like to propose a topic for a future workshop, please email

Photo from the tackling modern day slavery workshop Photo from the tackling modern day slavery workshop