Our commitment to you as a student under the Data Protection Act 1998

Data Protection regulations in this country exist to protect personal details held on information systems by companies and organisations like ourselves.

At enrolment, and annually at re-registration, you'll accept the University’s regulations which incorporate the Data Protection Act 1998.  In this, you consent to the University using your information for internal reporting and to external bodies such as the Student Loan Company (SLC) for the purpose of grant, loan and other bursary administration and for references to employers and other organisations.  The full version of these regulations are available on the Registry student regulations webpages (section 2).

Parents/Guardians/other third-parties

Under our Data Protection Policy, we will not divulge any personal information to any other third-party and this also includes your parent/guardians/family members without your prior consent.  Parents can talk to us with general queries, but we will not provide them with personal information (for example, your results and attendance).

You can give your permission for someone to collect letters on your behalf, but this MUST be from your Unimail e-mail account quoting the name of the person who will be picking up the document.  Please give us advanced notice, so we can organise this for you.

Contacting us by telephone

If you contact us for any reason we may need to ask you some routine security questions.  This is so we are sure it is you we are dealing with!

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