Entry requirements

The entry requirements for your country

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English language requirements

English language requirements for Hong Kong

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Meet an official representative for your country

The University works closely with a network of official representatives around the world

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Cathy Cheung

Our International Officer

Contact Cathy Cheung by email C.Cheung@hud.ac.uk

Vivienne talks about her course and tutors and also the friendly international community and student life at the University of Huddersfield. She talks about the opportunity to have a placement year and how it can give you real life experience.

Visits to your country

Come and meet us

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British Cultural Society

Wherever you are from, we welcome everyone to join in and discover more about British culture

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Hong Kong Society

Wherever you are from, we welcome you to get involved with the society

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Hong Kong alumni society

You can connect with our alumni and graduates from Hong Kong to find out about their student experience in Huddersfield.

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Contact us

The University of Huddersfield International Office provides support and guidance for students from over 130 countries.

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Tuition Fees

The University offers competitive fees as well as payment options and discounts.

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