This page is for University members who have reported either a positive test or coronavirus symptoms to the University.

 If you are symptomatic or have a positive Covid-19 test result please ensure you report this using this form and review the guidance below.

I am a student and I need to self isolate. How should I let my school know?

You should use the attendance monitoring system in MyHud to let us know that you are self isolating. You may also wish to contact your school directly to discuss arrangements for continuing your study if appropriate.

I have received a positive Lateral Flow Test (LFT). Do I need to take a PCR Test as well?

Following a positive lateral flow test, a confirmatory PCR test should be booked immediately either online or by calling 119. Whilst awaiting the PCR result, you should continue to self-isolate. If the PCR test is negative, provided it was taken within two days of the positive LFT, it overrides the lateral flow test and you can return to campus. Close contacts and other household members can also stop self-isolating. You should inform the University of the results of your PCR test through the online form.

I am symptomatic or have a positive test result.  How does this affect others who live with me?

You and those who live in your household should self-isolate to prevent others catching the virus.  Your household comprises those who you live with in your house or a self-contained flat within Halls.

You should check NHS self-isolation guidance to inform your actions

I need to self isolate, and live in a private rented or privately owned home?

You should follow the NHS guidance on self-Isolation including isolation of others who live within in your household. You may wish to review the University Self Isolation Guide which provides practical tips and guidance to stay well during self-isolation.

I’m symptomatic or have a coronavirus positive test result and am self-isolating in halls, what should I do?

You should:

  • Review and follow this NHS guidance on self-isolation.
  • Inform your hall provider of your circumstances. They will have plans in place to enable your self-isolation, including enhanced cleaning routines, protocols for accessing shared facilities and informing other residents.
  • Safely inform your flat mates, those within your self-contained flat, who you may share kitchen or bathroom facilities with.

I need to self-isolate.  Should I relocate from my student accommodation to my family home?

Government guidance has detailed “Students living in halls of residence, or HMOs (shared houses), who develop symptoms of coronavirus should self-isolate in their current accommodation.”

How will I get food or medicines if I am isolating?

If you are symptomatic, you will need to arrange for food to be delivered to your bedroom door. You will not normally be able to access kitchens to prepare anything.  You should consider the following options: 

  • Reaching out to your neighbours to ask if they can purchase essential food items for you.
  • Using supermarket online delivery, halls providers have indicated they will enable safe delivery to students self-isolating.
  • Using take-away food outlets with home delivery services or third party apps such as Deliveroo or Uber Eats.


Many over the counter medicines can be acquired in small quantities via supermarkets or pharmacies.  We would encourage you to reach out your neighbours if you need such medicines they may be able to collect and deliver these.

Should you need prescription medicines, you should contact your GP.  They will be able to prescribe and direct you towards ordering and delivery services.

Alternative Support

If you are unable to access support as described above please contact who will contact you to discuss your needs.

Kirklees, the local Council, are working alongside local citizens and organisations to make sure that we can all support our neighbours and communities. They have set up a website and forms where you can both request and offer support.

What support will be available if I'm feeling unwell?

If you are isolating you should get advice from NHS 111 or call your GP.  Most GPs practices, such as the University Health Centre, are handling initial enquires by phone and will arrange a telephone appointment.

If you are seriously unwell you should call 999.

What can I do in halls if I need to self-isolate?

You should remain in your room as much as possible. If you're not showing symptoms, you will be able to responsibly use communal kitchens and pick-up deliveries, as long as you’re wearing a face covering and are keeping 2 metres apart from anyone else. You shouldn’t leave your hall of residence during your self-isolation period.

What happens if I become symptomatic during self-isolation?

You should follow the guidance detailed on What to do if you have Covid-19 symptoms or a positive test?

What do I do if someone in my halls of residence develops symptoms or tests positive for coronavirus?

This will depend on the exact size and nature of the hall you are in. It is likely you will only need to self-isolate if you are in the same household as somebody with the virus. There are certain circumstance where you won’t need to self-isolate which can be found in the NHS guidance.

Hall Providers

Hall accommodation providers in Huddersfield are private providers, who have developed Covid safe operations and support arrangements for students.  The University engages with each provider to support student wellbeing, health and safety.

If you need support additional to that being provided by your landlord, please contact