International Association on Workplace Bullying and Harassment 2017 Summer School

"Time to rethink 'the bully' in bullying?"


26th, 27th and 28th July 2017


University of Huddersfield, UK

Following on from the success of the IAWBH Conference in Auckland in 2016, and the Summer School in 2015 in Calgary, the IAWBH 2017 Summer School will be hosted at the University of Huddersfield on 26th, 27th and 28th July 2017.

In line with the Summer School title of "Time to rethink 'the bully' in bullying?", we're putting together a programme that we hope will be provocative, thought-provoking and constructive, moving discussions from identifying and exploring problems associated with the positioning of the bully in current approaches to research and practice, through to a consideration of possible solutions and future directions.

The Summer School will be a fantastic opportunity to bring together researchers and practitioners to have interdisciplinary discussions around the core question "Time to rethink 'the bully' in bullying?"

The programme is still a work in progress but we're delighted to announce some initial details.

Laura Crawshaw, PhD, Founder and Director of the Boss Whispering Institute will be delivering one of the key notes around our title theme of questioning and rethinking 'the bully' in bullying.

There will also be a key note from one of the UK's leading anti-bullying charities. As focusing on the perspective of the bully is relatively underdeveloped in relation to workplace bullying, this session seeks to see what lessons we might be able to learn by "going back to school" and engaging with those experienced with dealing with bullies in other contexts, e.g. school.  

On the second day, the focus will shift to workshops and there'll be plenty on offer, including:

  • A psychodynamic perspective of bullies (Dr Sheila White,
  • Substantiated – then what? (Danielle Carney, PEEL HR Consulting and Mediation)
  • How do alleged perpetrators defend themselves? Opportunities and challenges of using video methodology and naturalistic data in workplace bullying research (Neill Thompson, Northumbria University)
  • What does it take to change abrasive leaders? (Laura Crawshaw, PhD, The Boss Whispering Institute)

In addition to these key notes and workshops, there will be panel discussions and the opportunity to participate in World Café discussion sessions where we can explore and refine our focus around the summer school theme. 

For the evening extras we'll be taking a quick stroll away from the University to a couple of venues in the town centre. The TV and film clip night on the 26th July will be hosted in a space at the Lawrence Batley Theatre, and on the 27th July there's the option of a tapas buffet at The Cornerhouse. 


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