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Engineering Technical staff

Mr Richard Bailey Bailey, Richard (Mr)
Team Leader (Mechanical and Automotive)
t: [01484] 472430
Room: T4/05d
 Luke Barron Barron Luke
Technical Facilitator (TRI)
t: [01484] 472996
Room: T3/04a
Mr Andrew Bell Bell, Andrew (Mr)
Machine Tool Applications Engineer (CPT)
t: [01484] 472316
Room: T4/03
Dr Mathew Boon Boon, Mathew (Dr)
Electro-Mechanical Engineer (CPT/EPSRC)
t: [01484] 473581
Room: HA3/08
Mr David Bray Bray, David (Mr)
Team Leader (Electrical)
t: [01484] 472474
Room: SJG/01a
Mr Barnaby Bryce Bryce, Barnaby (Mr)
Test Applications Engineer
t: [01484] 473994
Room: T5/07
Mr Anver Dadhiwala Dadhiwala, Anver (Mr)
Senior Technician (Computing Support - Engineering)
t: [01484] 473024
Room: HA4/04c
Mr Chris Dawson Dawson, Chris (Mr)
Metrology Engineer (CPT/EPSRC)
t: [01484] 473581
Room: HA3/08
Mr Martin Gargett Gargett, Martin (Mr)
Technical Team Leader (Automotive Engineering)
t: [01484] 471758
Room: T4/07a
Mr Steven Goldstein Goldstein, Steven (Mr)
Senior Technician (Mechanical and Automotive)
t: [01484] 473914
Room: T4/05c
Mr Philip Holdsworth Holdsworth, Philip (Mr)
Senior Technician (Mechanical)
t: [01484] 472406
Room: T5/03a
Mr Richard Midlam Midlam, Richard (Mr)
Senior Technician (Power Electronics)
t: [01484] 472474
Room: SJG/01a
Mr Robert Powis Powis, Robert (Mr)
Senior Technician (Mechanical Engineering)
t: [01484] 473914
Room: T4/05c
Mr Martin Webster Webster, Martin (Mr)
Senior Technician (Electrical)
t: [01484] 472474
Room: SJG/01a
Mr Mark Wendl Wendl, Mark (Mr)
Senior Technician (Music Technology)
t: [01484] 471181
Room: T4/02a

Computer Science Technical staff

Ms Kathy Bugg Bugg, Kathy (Ms)
User Support Team Leader
t: [01484] 472918
Room: SJ5/02
Mr Malcolm Merrington Merrington, Malcolm (Mr)
Systems Team Leader
t: [01484] 473328
Room: SJ2/04b
Mr Dave Parker Parker, Dave (Mr)
Senior Technical Support Officer
t: [01484] 472916
Room: SJ2/04b
Mr Robin Sissons Sissons, Robin (Mr)
Computing Technical Support Manager
t: [01484] 472153
Room: SJ3/02
Mr Glyn Snowden Snowden, Glyn (Mr)
Senior Technical Support Officer
t: [01484] 472986
Room: SJ4/01e
Mr David Webster Webster, David (Mr)
Senior Technical Support Officer
t: [01484] 472660
Room: SJG/03b

VLE Support

Mrs Jane Merrington Merrington, Jane (Mrs)
Web and VLE Support Officer
t: [01484] 472985
Room: SJ1/16c
Mr Sam Vidler Vidler, Sam (Mr)
Web and VLE Support Assistant
t: [01484] 472248
Room: SJ1/16c