HIB1017 Psychological Research and Data Analysis
HIB 2007 Social Psychology and Personality
HIB 2008 Cognition, Brain and Behaviour
HIB2011 Developmental Psychology
HHB1005 Forensic Psychology
HHB1021 Behaviourism and Positive Behaviour Change
HHB1032 Experiencing Punishment and the Penal System
HHB1047 Men, Masculinity and Crime
HHB1051 Profiling and Investigating Serious Crime
HHB1052 Psychology of Education
HHB1056 Psychological Difficulties
HHB1071 Psychology of Health and Wellbeing
HFK1003 Personal Development and Interpersonal Skills
HFK2001 Introducing Counselling Skills and Theory
HFK2002 Research Methods for Counselling Studies
HHK1016 Specific Issues in Helping
HIK1013 Advancing Counselling Skills
HIK2000 Ethics and Diversity in a Changing World
HIK2001 Evaluating Theories of Counselling
HIK2002 Planning for Career Success