The University of Huddersfield is committed to sustainability, aspiring to reduce the impacts its staff, students and operations have on the environment. From implementing the waste hierarchy and promoting wildlife and biodiversity, to owning a fleet of electric vehicles and working towards Fairtrade accreditation, the University is working across the board to promote Sustainable Development.

Think Green, Do Green, Be Green… 

The environment is everyone’s responsibility and doing your bit couldn’t be easier…

  • B.Y.O: Bring your own mug, bottle or bag and reduce your reliance on single-use items. Across campus there are dozens of water coolers for you to fill your bottle from, and you can even save 20p on the purchase of your hot drink every time you use your own mug!
  • Meat Free Mondays: why not reduce your meat consumption by joining the Meat Free Monday campaign? Not eating meat just one day a week for an entire year saves the same amount of Carbon as an average person would by not driving their car for an entire month!
  • Choose sustainable travel: walk, cycle, take the bus or carpool to work. Using your car causes 6 times more Carbon than taking the bus, and by carpooling you and your passenger can reduce the emissions from commuting in half!

Should you wish to contact any of the Sustainability team please email us at