Inspirational presentations by our reseach staff offering an engaging insight into our diverse research portfolio

Past Events

Radiomics in Personalised Medicine

An introduction to radiomics, a novel imaging method used in the diagnosis of cancer to predict disease outcome, recurrence, progression and response to therapy.

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Maths on the Street

Mathematics is often thought of as an abstract discipline with few real-life applications beyond the classroom.  In this lecture, Dr Ann Smith guides us through her work on homelessness in the City of Edinburgh.

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Digital Biometrics and Online Identity

In this lecture, we reveal how the simple act of typing can be used to authenticate and (to some extent) determine identity, proving that total anonymity behind the keyboard is an illusion 

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Nuclear Energy - A Greener Alternative?

In the midst of a global climate crisis, does nuclear energy offer a greener solution? We take you on a journey to explore nuclear energy and understand the problems of disposing with radioactive waste so that you can make up your own mind about the future of nuclear energy in our society.

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The World of Immersive 3D Audio

Sound plays an important role in making sense of the environment we are surrounded by in our daily lives. This lecture introduces us to how the human brain understands spatial sound and demonstrates some of the latest 3D audio technologies

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Engineering for Quality of Life

In this lecture, Engineeer Dr Leigh Fleming shares her experience of working alongside doctors, nurses and scientists to improve outcomes for patients living with chronic wounds.

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