Are you looking for a placement student to work in your business? Placements are not just about the student benefiting from the experience. It also provides an extremely valuable resource for your business.

Benefits for your business

  • Excellent value - placement students should bring up-to-date skills at a relatively low cost.
  • Low risk - ongoing assessment and support from the University aims to ensure high levels of satisfaction.
  • Energy and enthusiasm - with support and direction, placement students can achieve excellent results.
  • Fresh outlook - students can bring an unbiased view to an organisation and fresh ideas.

Hosting a placement from the University of Huddersfield was a great benefit at DIG. Our placement bought a fresh perspective on the organisation and degree style skills, such as planning and analytical skills. Coming with such a strong skill set our placement provided really valuable help to us during a busy period and certainly proved to be a worthwhile scheme.

Helen Williams, DIG, York Archaeological Trust, York 

Leah has been a strong performer during her time with HP. In the work that she has performed whilst working in my team, or later in her new role that I have observed, she has taken a mature and intelligent approach to the work assigned. I have been impressed by Leah's 'can do' attitude, always committing herself to complete projects assigned, and being a reliable and consistent member of the team.

Nicola Andrew, HP

Quick facts

  • Depending on the department your student comes from, a work placement can last for 1 to 48 weeks and can usually commence from the beginning of June onwards.
  • Students on a 48 week placement should receive payment as they receive limited funding during this period.
  • The student should be regarded as a regular employee, under the company terms and conditions. They should be given relevant training and processes should be in place to adequately supervise, monitor and evaluate their progress. They should undertake a real job of work with appropriate responsibility.
  • The role the student undertakes will depend upon your needs, it may be an existing placement vacancy, to support a particular department or the student could take on a project that other staff may not have the time or skills for.
  • We ask that the student is allocated a work supervisor who is responsible for their day to day work and general well-being whilst with your organisation.
  • An academic staff member from the University would normally visit the student and supervisor to discuss their progress at least once throughout the year, so we will support you throughout the placement. Your company may not be visited if the student undertakes a placement in various companies over the 48 weeks.

If you need help or advice about employing a placement student, please contact one of our work placement departments below.

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