Congratulations Graduates of Huddersfield! Register your key fob here

At your graduation ceremony you were presented with a special key fob as a gift from the Alumni Office at the University of Huddersfield.

It symbolises our life-long commitment to you and to helping you unlock your potential as you progress from being a student to being a graduate, or 'alumnus'.

If you lose your keys, anyone who finds them will be able to get in touch with us using our contact details on the key fob. We will then do our best to reunite you with your keys.

Please provide your contact details to the Alumni Office so that we can provide this free service for you. (Please note, your key fob does not give you access to the Library or any other on-campus facilities. In order to access the Library alumni must visit it in person. Please take your degree certificate or final results letter with you.)

We will require an email from you to with your full name, phone number, key fob serial number, date of birth and subject that you studied so that we can register your key fob for you.

Remember to contact us to update your details if they change so that we can still contact you if you lose your keys!

Congratulations again on your graduation and welcome to the University of Huddersfield global alumni community!


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