Professor Jill Johnes


Jill is Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a National Teaching Fellow (2011). Her core research uses frontier estimation techniques to examine organisational efficiency and productivity. She has authored a book and various official reports, edited two books, and published numerous academic papers in internationally recognised peer-reviewed journals across economics, operational research and education.



Jill Johnes is Professor of Production Economics and Dean of Huddersfield Business School. She has a BA in Economics and Mathematics and a PhD supervised from the Departments of Management Science and Economics at Lancaster University where she worked as Reader in Production Economics before joining the University of Huddersfield in 2015.

Jill’s research involves the measurement of organisational productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness, and the exploration of how organisations might improve their performance. Since 1987 she has published extensively across disciplines in internationally-recognised journals, and her work is widely cited. Her early work, including the book Performance Indicators in Higher Education (1990), influenced the manner in which league tables are constructed, from an output approach to the now standard value-added approach. She has received funding from, or been consulted on, policy issues by, for example, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the Department for Education and Science in the UK, the European Union, the National Audit Office in Sweden, and the Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research. Jill has been deputy editor of Regional Studies, book reviews editor of Education Economics, and most recently has edited a special issue of the Journal of the Operational Research Society (2017). Following her appointment at the University of Huddersfield she became Director of Research for Huddersfield Business School until her appointment as Dean in 2016.

Jill also has a sustained and impactful record in teaching and related activities. She was awarded a Sir Alastair Pilkington University of Lancaster Teaching Award in 1991, as well as a National Teaching Fellowship in 2011 for her pioneering use of electronic teaching resources (about which she has published) and her innovative assessment approaches over the length of her career. Prior to joining the University of Huddersfield she was director of undergraduate programmes for the Department of Economics and director of a cross-disciplinary postgraduate degree programme, both at Lancaster University.