Preparing you for the future is what we do.

We have sandwich placements into our awards for over 20 years so we are very experience in supporting students to develop the skills needed to achieve in the workplace and provide them with the opportunities to fulfil their academic, professional and personal potential.  There are many other ways that we help to prepare you for life after University and into graduate employment or further study.  


Year-long sandwich placements have been an option on our degrees for more than 25 years because we know what a positive impact they have.

Volunteering and Student Jobs

Volunteering or becoming a student ambassador in a voluntary or paid capacity is also encouraged in Huddersfield Business School.

Student and Graduate Internships

Internships are a way to build up experience during your studies to increase your chances of getting that dream placement role or graduate job.

Live Projects and Consultancy Projects

Working on live project or consultancy projects gives our students the opportunity to work alongside professionals in the industry.

Enterprise Workshops and Activities

Enterprise workshops and activities are held across the University and built into the Huddersfield Business School Development Weeks.

Professional Skills Developed Through the Course

The ASPIRE module programme is unique to Huddersfield Business School and developed in 2021.

Competitions, Qualifications and Memberships

Across Business School there are opportunities for students to take part and compete in subject-specific competitions and qualifications.

Development Weeks

We set up to two weeks aside each term without normal teaching for different types of activities and opportunities.

Huddersfield Graduate Attributes

Huddersfield Graduate Attributes are the skills we know employers are looking for.

Life after University

As a graduate of the University of Huddersfield you have access to the Careers and Employability Service for life.